That’s Okay, We Weren’t Interested Anyway

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 24, 2009 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

The Wizards reportedly dealt the 5th pick, along with Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas and Darius Songaila to the Wolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller.  That means bye-bye to the talks of the Mavs moving up to 5, which is probably better news than you’d think it would be.

You don’t sell the farm for anything short of Blake Griffin in this draft, and even he isn’t quite capable of taking a franchise on his back.  Randy Foye and Mike Miller aren’t All-Stars, but that’s certainly a nice return for the #5 and some excess salary, which means the Wizards essentially completed their two primary objectives: obtain some additional veteran talent (ideally to fill the hole at the 2), and dump salary.  That Mavs couldn’t really create a package to rival Miller and Foye without packaging Jason Terry and Josh Howard together.  That’s not what you want with Dirk Nowitzki at this stage in his career, much less with Jason Kidd weighing his options in free agency.

A package centering around cap relief alone would clearly have been trumped in the open market, but don’t fret, Mavs fans.  The teams needs help, but making a gamble with the fifth pick (and make no mistake, there is plenty of risk in this lottery) isn’t a viable solution to the Mavs’ problems.  Making a trade for trade’s sake, while likely energizing the fanbase and creating some artificial buzz around the team, typically results in a rather hard fall back to earth.  I can’t see any of the incoming draftees making a significant different in the coming season, especially after weighing the Mavs’ outgoing assets.  Yes, that includes Erick Dampier.