Rumor Mongering: Eye on the Five

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 2, 2009 under Rumors | 4 Comments to Read

Jonathan Givony of Draft Express:

Another interesting tidbit of information coming out of the NBA Combine in Chicago revolves around the Dallas Mavericks and potential interest they may have in Arizona power forward Jordan Hill. The rumor mill indicates that Dallas is seriously considering making a move to acquire the ultra athletic junior, and views him as exactly the type of tough, active rebounder they are missing in their frontcourt rotation at the moment. Brandon Bass currently fills that role for them, but they may not be able to keep him and still maintain ample cap space for 2010…Hill’s measurements (6-9 ¼ without shoes, 7-1 ½ wingspan, 9-0 standing reach) in Chicago confirmed the notion many people had that he will have no problem seeing minutes at center in today’s NBA…One team that could reportedly help Dallas move up high enough to pick Hill is the Washington Wizards at #5, a team they already have a history with making draft-day deals…Dallas can offer either the non-guaranteed contract of Jerry Stackhouse to help the Wizards reduce payroll next year (while taking someone like Mike James or Etan Thomas off their hands) or they can help the Wizards by providing a veteran like Josh Howard or Jason Terry if it’s experience and scoring punch they are after. Either move would allow the Mavericks to stay flexible from a financial standpoint as they look towards the free agent class of 2010. They can also dangle their first round pick (#22).

  • Boogie

    Maybe we can swing a deal to throw Caron Butler into the mix as well. If we have to give up howard to do it, then lets make it happen!

  • Charles

    I think going after Hill is a very solid move. However, I think the idea of moving Howard or Terry to do so is 100% a bad idea. No way you give either one of them up for an unproven rookie.

    Now if they can swing #22 and Stackhouse for #5 and Thomas, that is a fine deal. I just don’t see the Wizards doing that as they will want veteran help.

  • Chaz

    I think a big deal and going after the pick is possibly best for the future of the team if they’ve come to realize, as currently rostered, they aren’t going to get home court advantage at any point in the playoffs.
    Definitely something big like Josh, Stack, and #22 for Caron, #5, and I guess Etan Thomas would be trying something for the long-term. It seems like a so-so swap at this point because it doesn’t help us with the deficiencies the Mavs are facing, BUT it is trying to shake things up. Whatever way the Mavs go, they have to shake things up a bit to see what they can become.

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