Devean George Loves Dallas

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 30, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | 3 Comments to Read

Or financial security.  Yeah, probably that one.  Eddie Sefko on the DMN Mavs Blog reported that George has picked up his player option:

…George will be under contract for 2009-10 for $1.6 million.

…Someday, if George can ever remain healthy enough for a full season, he is capable of producing for good teams. Here’s hoping George has one of those seasons soon. After 10 years in the league, he’s running out of time.


  • Brayden

    I almost forgot he was on the team. I can’t recall him playing in any games last season, but if he did, it must have been early on.

    What was his injury anyway?

  • Andytobo

    let’s get a pool together, see if we can get someone to injure his wrist again

  • Brayden

    It was the same wrist thing from before? That kept him out the whole year? Really?

    Not that I really miss him in the lineup…