Count to Three and Take Deep Breaths

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 25, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | 10 Comments to Read

Just minutes after giving Maverick nation a collective heart attack, Ric Bucher comes through in the clutch to announce the the Mavs and Thunder swapped the 24th and 25th picks, leaving the Mavs with foreign point guard prospect Rodrigue Beaubois.  Much, MUCH, better than B.J. Mullens.

Faith restored, but I’ll never forgive Donnie for my near-fatal encounter with shock.

EDIT: It was just announced that the Mavs have also acquired a future second rounder in the deal.  Whoo!

  • Jon B

    After Mullens was drafted,i turned off the TV and walked away, turned on the radio only to heard beaubois was traded. Thank god!

  • daniel

    I haven’t heard anything about this guy. Is this a good pick? I thought from your review that Patty Mills looks pretty promising. Do you think we see him at all next year, or is he staying overseas?

    • Rob Mahoney

      @daniel: Will find out later tonight. Beaubois is a good pick though, and should be a nice point guard.

  • Brian D

    Thank God. I need a new remote control after that BJ Mullens pick. Beaubois is pretty intriguing, I like it. Inhale, Exhale slowly. Whew.

  • Brian D

    Rob, are you just sitting there at the AAC watching the jumbotron? Is beer being served?

  • Kirk

    Forgive me if this comes across as rude…

    I need someone to explain this to me. I’ve spent weeks and weeks reading anything and everything about the draft. This guy was not mentioned a single time, ever, by any Mavs related blog. What gives? Why is this guy better than Mullins (beyond the fact that he isnt as ugly. My fiance shrieked at the TV when it showed Mullins).

    We havent had a single decent draft pick since Howard. How does this help us now? What. The. Heck.

    I’m going to bed now. MFFL but sometimes I think Donnie is too smart for his own good.

  • Kirk

    I will now light myself on fire. Really? We wasted the 24th first round pick on a guy we could’ve gotten on the cheap? PEOPLE SELL SECOND ROUND PICKS LIKE DAY OLD BREAD. See below and more on for the reasons behind my panic attack.

    Chad Ford’s Analysis: The Thunder are making this pick for the Mavs. Dallas wanted a point guard and fell in love with Beaubois’ upside. He’s very long, quick and explosive athletically. He doesn’t have a great feel for the game, but he should develop that overseas in the next few years.

    Draft Projection: Second round to undrafted


    # Long, athletic point guard
    # Excellent quickness
    # Good defender

    # Very inexperienced
    # Shaky perimeter shot
    # Poor assist-to-turnover ratio
    # Feel for the game is questionable

  • Kirk

    Lets go over some history about the crappy drafting in the first round since Dirk… and only once have we done well with Howard falling into our laps since the dude loves the reefer…

    2008 – None
    2007 – None
    2006 – Maurice Ager
    2005 – None
    2004 – None
    2003 – Howard
    2002 – None
    2001 – None
    2000 – 3 Picks, all sucked, but lets give them a pass as that draft blew as a whole.
    1999 – Leon Smith

    So excluding 2000 (worst draft ever up till that point, 2009 may win out), we have 3 first round draft picks, and only one of them Howard, was good. The rest were traded away. TRADED AWAY. And we wont have one next year either!

    Look, I get that we have a GREAT team in the early 2000′s and made a title run in 2006, but teams crumble (see the Suns for more) without draft picks! All these 2nd rounders that we take from over seas will never, ever pan out because the NBA picked the place bare and players are now somewhat afraid to play here since the styles are so different.

    We need draft picks. Good teams (Hornets, Spurs, Blazers, soon to be Thunder, heck even the Lakers) are built through the draft. When are we going to move past this delusion that Donnie knows what he is doing in terms of the draft? He doesn’t, and unless something drastic happens, by the 2nd coronation of Obama the Mavs will be wallowing in total misery and be terrible.

    Diatribes ended. Good night all.

  • Marc

    kirk, tipped us off about beaubois about 6 weeks ago.

  • Kirk

    Thanks. Adding them to the list of websites I check daily!