We Are Go

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 9, 2009 under News | 11 Comments to Read

All indications point to Howard playing today, but your guess is as good as mine as to how effective he’ll be.  Fingers crossed that the Mavs’ training staff was able to work a miracle in three days.

  • Brian D

    Now we have a definitive answer for why teams don’t foul when up 3. They don’t trust the refs to call it.

  • Ge

    Wow. After the crazy reffing in the houston/LA series, chicago series and this last play..I honestly will consider not watching the rest of the playoffs b/c of the horrible reffing.

    How is it that as fans we are powerless to effect change no this issue? This is crazy

  • Andrew

    Jesus Christ. I say this as a Nuggets fan – Bennett Salvatore is like Bobby Fischer in reverse. He is worse at refereeing than you or I will be at anything.

  • Chaz

    Thanks for bending us over again, refs. Sure Dirk missing the shot the possession before hurt. BUT the Mavs executed exactly how they were supposed to on that play. Wright fouled after letting a couple of seconds go off. Everyone stopped except the refs and Melo tossing up that shot. They were right to be pissed. Wright stopped guarding Melo because he fouled him. Thanks, Salvatore and co. Thanks. Mavs might as well not suit up the next game if this is how it’ll be called.

  • Thugget42

    Salvitore, Mauer, and Wunderlich are the worst refs in the league and they all were assigned this game. Their egos are the problem.

    I feel like I need to appologize.

  • Victor

    OMG. Irate.
    Second Nuggets@Mavs game in a row where the game is basically decided by a bad ref call.

    To be sure, we should’ve executed A LOT better (and Dirk did miss a couple good looks near the end), but dammit, that ridiculously ironic non-call at the end was some of the worse stuff ever. I’m glad that a Nuggets fan is admitting that too. The Nuggets would’ve beaten us in this series (maybe not this game) anyways, but this just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I like the Nuggets, I really do. Once the Mavs are gone, I’ll be rooting for Denver. But I’m probably going to have to see that Carmelo Anthony shot over and over and over again the next two or three years in commercials and stuff. Ugh. With Antoine Wright standing there going “Wait, they blew the whistle right? I mean…Carmelo Anthony’s the blackest guy in the world, and his arm’s neon red from where I clobbered him. Oh, it went in. Too bad it doesn’t count, cause the foul was before the—WHAT?”

    Oh, and if you address me, and your comment starts with anything like…uhm…the slightest inkling of a thought that we’ll make it to the next round, I’m probably not going to read it.

  • Victor


    No. You don’t need to apologize. This isn’t the Nuggets fault. It’s the refs.

    Ugh. I wanna throw up.

  • Victor

    Maybe this is the NBA’s way of making up for giving us all those fouls that went our way during Game 1 in the SAS series.

  • Dylan-Spurs

    I know exactly how you feel. I guess the only hope is things like this will force Stern to deal with how bad the officiating has been rather just ignore it and pretend like it’s not a problem.


  • Adam

    You got a great site here, thanks for all your insightful commentary. I’m from Denver and thought the foul was minor. In a game where the fouling was out of control to start letting the players with the skills settle the contest is fine by me. I might feel differently if Denver had lost. Would it change the way Dallas fans feel had Melo missed the shot?

    That said after watching the game I was thinking about Mark Cuban and Dirk and how my impressions of both of them has changed. Dirk is actually humble, he was already half way to the locker room while Mark was still staring at the refs in disbelief and he had worked harder than anyone else in that building and had come off a very challenging week.
    Cuban is is a loyal fan, working cIass owner and down to earth but he sometimes does more of a disservice to his club by being so passionate.
    Anyways they both are growing on me, I didn’t used to like them at all.

  • dreesman

    Cuban is the biggest thug of them all. He dam^ near started a riot in both game 3. He is a geek that was never good at sports made his money in the dot com craze and bought his way into a fraternity to which he clearly doesnt belong. If i were a Mavs fan i would boycott them until Cuban was dragged out of town, as long as he doesnt come to Denver im good.