Pre-Game Philosophizing with Erick Dampier: Game 4

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 11, 2009 under Previews | 6 Comments to Read

Guys, I take 100% of the blame for how this series is going.  Damp was posting his pre-game comments here for the first round, and obviously our record in those games speaks for itself.  For the second round I decided to cut his feature, despite my better judgment. For Game 3, I strongly considered bringing it back, only to change my mind at the last second.  The effects of that decision are fairly obvious.

So without further ado, Mr. Dampier:

  • Chaz

    If only it were so simple.

  • Brian D

    Well now I’m definitely blaming you.

  • Kevin

    If we want to win we need to keep giving Dirk the ball 40 times a game, there’s no other option.

  • Jon Bui

    it worked!!

  • Thugget42

    Dirk doesn’t have the energy recreate this performance at altitude.

  • wacc_attack

    that statement would make sense if he was scoring like 15 pts a game up there…he dropped 35 on you the other night, i believe. we’re definitely the underdog by a mile…but i wouldnt count dirk’s ability to whoop ass out.