Postgame Pressers: Mavs Lose Game 1 to the Nuggets

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 3, 2009 under xOther | 4 Comments to Read

  • Mitch Davison

    No blog? 5 hours after the game, and nothing to say? I came here from, and I’m still waiting.

  • Victor

    This might just be me or the fact that Howard was obviously hurt (he played significantly less than he did during any of the SA games) after that right ankle sprain, and it might just be a tad premature, but the Mavs played this game like they were obviously going to lose it.

    If this keeps up by game three, I’m gonna be mad. Because it’s basically saying “oh. well. we got into the second round when most people didn’t even think we’d make the playoffs so we can just give up now.”

  • Brian D

    I noticed that too Victor. It wasn’t just Josh though. Once the Nuggets got about an 8 point lead, everyone totally quit on the game.

    I really hope Josh and Damp’s ankles aren’t in too much pain. Against a team as quick in the frontcourt as the Nuggets are, having two guys hobbled is a death sentence for the series.

  • Victor

    No, that’s what I mean. After the ankle injuries, it seemed as if the team just gave up. I think we were up nine or so when the injury occured. And if you look carefully, when Josh hits the floor, Damp just kinda stands there with the ball staring at him. The game hadn’t even stopped yet and a Nugget just slapped it out of his hands and went for a dunk. We were on fire (sort of) and the Nuggets totally just dropped a helicopter’s worth of sand on us.

    Watching the Spurs series, I kept thinking “these aren’t my Mavs…”

    And watching today’s game I thought “THESE are my Mavs!”
    And then I cried.