Maybe That Shove Was a Bit Extracurricular

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 4, 2009 under News | 8 Comments to Read

As it turns out, Kenyon Martin’s hard, playoff foul on Dirk Nowitzki was a bit more than that; the league upgraded Martin’s foul to a flagrant one and assessed him a $25,000 fine.  My response: mmhmm.

From Marc Stein:

It’s believed that Martin’s history of hard fouls — compared to Boston’s Rajon Rondo, who escaped punishment for high-profile fouls in the Celtics’ first-round series with Chicago — led to a fine in addition to the reclassification of the foul.

“I voiced our opinion [to the league] that we believe the fine was excessive,” Nuggets vice president of player personnel Rex Chapman said Monday night. “With regard to other incidents that have taken place in these playoffs and some of those actions not [resulting in] a fine, we feel that fining K-Mart for this is a bit excessive and inconsistent.

“But we’re going to accept it and move on. I think that Dirk was off balance as he often is — and he’s one of the best actors in the game, too — but that’s part of the game.”

  • Cynthia

    Too little to late. We can only hope the dumbass tries it again. If he does….THAT will be justice.
    GO MAVS!!

  • wacc_attack

    no double standards here. dirk throws what can at least be argued as an inadvertent elbow against utah and gets canned a game, and this trash of a basketball player gets a slap on the wrist for explicitly showing a dude to the ground. perfect logic, NBA. the league office is beginning to become a mockery; first they didn’t suspend Rondo, now this. if they think suspending a player would hurt game quality, they dont do it (except Howard’s foul against the Sixers; there’d be an outrage if that went unnoticed.) $10 says that if it was Antoine Wright who did to Melo what Kmart did to Dirk he’d be chillin watching game 2 from the hotel.

  • Chaz

    Inconsistencies have definitely affected this year’s playoffs. But if they’re willing to let things go, then the Mavs need to step up to these new limitations. Need to do to K-Mart or JR Smith what happened to Battier last night. :)

  • Thugget42

    What is laughable here is the reaction to Dirk’s little fall. It was a forearm shove while they both were moving towards the basket. Either Dirk is the softest 7 footer ever or wants to take the biggest flopper award away from Ginobilli. He wasn’t hurt no blood was shed, unlike Rondo/Miller or Vujacic/Battier, and that’s the retaliation Mavs fan want.

    There’s a reason why you’re the softest team in the league, GS punk’d you two years ago and the Nuggs will too in 4.

  • wacc_attack


    First of, here is me laughing at your attempt to mock a franchise which has won 50+ games 9 straight seasons, actually makes it out of the 1st round more than once a decade, and has players with basketball IQ and not muscle milk-pumped brawn.


    Second of all, I can see how objective you are if you call that a “shove.” I’m sure that’s why he got fined 25K; bc it was a normal under the basket shove. I mean the NBA leage office clearly is in love with Dirk, suspending him for just a “love tap” on Utah earlier in the season. Brilliant logic.

    I was going to also explain to you the irony of your statement given your nickname, but I’ll let you crack that one yourself, boss.

    You guys were one player away from again being the laughing stock of the West. I’d count my blessings and not try to talk big a big game after 48 minutes of basketball, grasshopper.

  • Thugget42


    I’m glad the irony of my nickname didn’t go unnoticed. Thats my point, by simply adding the leagues ‘Citizenship Award’ winner to the roster the Nuggets have gone from a team that has no defensive discipline, that traded it Defensive Player of the Year for a second round pick to 89-90 Piston Bad Boys. Calling them ‘Thuggets’ is the epitome of ironic.

    Also more irony, there comes a point in time when the grasshopper kills his master.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Thugget: I should’ve pegged you for Cobra Kai.

      And let’s hold off on the Bad Boys comparisons until I see rings on those fingers, okay?

  • Brian D

    I’ve seen several posts from likely Nuggets fans around here lately, all of the d-bag variety. Wish we could be civil, guys. Show a little class, even if your team doesn’t.