I Think ‘Weird’ Fits Rather Nicely

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 7, 2009 under News | 16 Comments to Read

Photo by AP.

I’m already internet years late on this, but the most bizarre Mavs-related news of the season hit the fan this morning: a woman, who may or may not be Dirk Nowitzki’s girlfriend/fiancée and may or may not be pregnant with Dirk Jr., was arrested on charges of theft of services and possibly a probation violation.  You can watch a video of Dirk and Christian Julie Wellington/Christian B. Travino/Crystal Nobles/Christy Nobles/Kristi Briana Westerhauf/Cristal Taylor, Cristal Taylor Westerhaus/Christa A. Westerhays (yeah, she had eight aliases) here, but I’m not sure that it really says anything conclusive aside from the fact that Dirk is apparently hungry.

Here’s what Dirk had to say:

“It’s pretty obvious that I’m going through a tough time in my personal life right now, but like I always have, I want to kind of keep my private life private,” Nowitzki said. “I’m not at the stage where I can talk about it yet and feel comfortable talking about it. … At this point, I just can’t talk about it.”

It’s hard to really say anything without confirmed facts, but claims that this is somehow a character flaw or that Dirk “has moved into T.O. type territory,” are flat-out false.  Maybe it’s just a writer with his hand caught in the hyperbole jar, but the mere mention of Dirk and Owens in the same breath is ridiculous, not to mention unfounded.

I don’t sit down with Dirk on the weekends to grab a drink or call him up on his birthday, but based on what we know of him I would strongly doubt he was aware of his friend’s, girlfriend’s, or whatever’s past.  Dirk has apparently hired a private investigator to look into the matter, and based on the frame of questioning from reporters, it seems that Dirk has not bailed out the woman who is allegedly his fiancée.  Doesn’t quite ring of the actions of someone in the know, much less a forgiving beau.

To claim that this will or won’t affect Dirk’s in-game performance would be irresponsible of me.  There’s never been a precedent of anything even remotely similar to this in Dirk’s career.  But I’ve never doubted Dirk’s ability to focus on the game before, and I’m not about to start now.  Game 3 carries a bit of weight, and this team as a whole is intelligent enough to appreciate that.

  • Brian D

    Wow, I don’t even know what to say about this. How does a person go about getting ONE alias, let alone eight?!

    On the bail note, he very well might refuse to pay it, but I doubt that’s come to fruition yet. When you lapse on your probation you can’t make bail until there’s a hearing finding that you aren’t a danger to society.

  • http://www.bign.com/cagabel Cynthia

    I’m one fan that’s NOT worried about this affecting Dirk’s game. As Fish pointed out on dallasbasketball.com…according to the time line this was going on for a while and if memory serves Dirk DID toss up to the tune of 35pts last game. So, not worried here. Dirk is a pure pro and a class act. It’s a shame that such a good guy got manipulated like that. The only good thing about it is, he didn’t marry her. I’m sure he will be ok in time. And I’m just as sure he’ll be more than ok on the basketball court right now. Keep your chin up Dirk….and…………………
    GO MAVS!

  • http://www.bign.com/cagabel Cynthia

    Oh and by the way….I’ll be at the game Saturday. I can let you know first hand how the UBERMAN is doing!!
    GO MAVS!!!!!

  • Thugget42

    The irony is that none of the alleged ‘thugs’ in this series have ‘criminal’ girlfriends.

    What Mavs fan has to worry about is the distraction it posses. Like Barret Robbins’ and Eugene Robinson’s pregame Super Bowl incidents.

    “You can’t beat us” clap clap clap-clap-clap

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      Because skipping out on your dental bill is about as thuggy as they come. Please.

      Regardless, if the Mavs do lose, this won’t be the reason.

  • Thugget42

    She has eight aliases!! It seems the dental bill of ???thousands of dollars was to hide past transgressions and find her new 7 foot NBA mark.

    The burning question is what has she done that we dont know? Guess that’s what tomorrow and Saturnday are for.


  • Victor

    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Dirk’s always been a figure of non-controversy. Whatever the reason, he just got screwed here. Maybe his possible girlfriend got screwed too. No one really knows jack. It doesn’t matter. If we lose to Denver though, and I have to hear about Dirk/the Mavs being weak and losing this series because of this though, I’m going to be FURIOUS. Dirk’s always kept his private life private, and even when it has possibly (and I mean possibly) affected his game (like during the Warriors series, his dad was super sick, and inside sources all said they thought it affected his game. He still averaged 19 and…10?), he’s never used it as an excuse or never decided to bring it up. I loved Dirk before, but after this year, my appreciation for his quiet, emotional and mental fortitude has rocketed–especially when compared to the fake, exaggerated bravado of guys like Chuck (who, uh…also never won a title. And threw conniptions all over the place), C-Webb (Mr. Choke), and Kenny (a role player with two rings is still a role player). I still think they’re very entertaining, they just don’t know jack about some things.

  • wacc_attack

    ya that’s my favorite part, Victor. 3 yahoos preaching from their respective glass houses about being leaders and ring winners. whatever. dirk will never have a kobe attitude, which doesn’t mean he wants to win any less. or that he will whoop yo damn ass any less than kobe would.

  • http://www.bign.com/cagabel Cynthia

    Victor…I agree with everything you said…EXCEPT “they just don’t know jack about SOME things.” Been watching basketball for years here and so far I don’t see Kenny, Barkley or Webber for that matter know jack about ANYTHING. I will NEVER forget last season when the MAVS been GS pretty hanidly and after the game instead of giving the MAVS any props Kenny said (and I quote) “sometimes when you win you lose and when you lose you win.” THAT statement alone has IDIOT written all over it and certainly proves that Kenny Smith doesn’t know JACK. I know it won’t matter one single bit, but I did fire off an email of complaint to TNT about their so-called professional, knowlegable studio analysist and just what the hell I thought of them. At least I got to give them a piece of my mind if nothing else. The ONLY one with any sense is Ernie and he NEVER gets to give his opinion! And these bozos are actually getting paid big $$ for this. Incredible!

  • Brian D

    “The irony is that none of the alleged ‘thugs’ in this series have ‘criminal’ girlfriends.”

    They don’t need them.

    I mean, what with getting DUIs and marijuana possessions, having murderers at your birthday party, being involved in investigations of vehicular manslaughter, and getting banned from the NBA for two years for doing dope, how could there be time for girlfriends?

  • Victor

    Cynthia, I think you’re being somewhat of a “homer” now. Barkley was a huge Dirk fan in ’07 and continually backed his MVP status, even once they got eliminated. And Kenny was right–Sometimes when you win, you lose. For example, if you’re up thirty, and then you give up that lead and regain it at the last second…AND you lose two players to injury. That’s a clear cut case right there. So that statement alone being idiocy isn’t something I could ever agree with.

    Ernie doesn’t really voice his opinion because he’s the facilitator of others’ opinions. Everyone knows he’s the main voice of rational thinking. We don’t watch that show for him though. He’s the straight man. We watch it for the outrageous things Charles says and the somewhat less absurd things Kenny says. And you know, Kenny says a lot of things that make sense. I just disagreed with him strongly over the Dirk is weak/Dirk admitting defeat thing.

    Also, Kenny picked the Mavs in six.

    OH. And when I first heard about Damp saying that thing about TP, I was one of the few people who thought “GOOD FOR YOU, DAMP.” Because it was one of the few instances where the Mavs really needed to assert some masculinity. That’s not to say it makes them more or less masculine, it was just a pride thing because we had just been beaten badly. And when I first saw that I thought “only one person will really agree with this, and that’s Charles Barkley” and he didn’t. He said “Damp should’ve said ‘we gotta knock them on they ass!’”

    I still love Charles Barkley. And Kenny. And the TNT crew.

  • Brandon

    C’mon Rob, you gotta admit it is pretty funny that the Nuggets get called thugs and gangsters by Dallas fans all series because of their tattoos, physical play and “don’t back down” mentality, yet it is the superstar of the other team in the news for a legal transgression from someone he lives with. The Nuggets are somehow still portrayed by way too many as being the same type of team that we’ve had in the past (lazy, selfish, and “thugged out”) which is just plain ignorant.
    By the way, can you Mavs fans shed some light on just how Dirk got involved with someone like that?? She is NOT attractive enough to be dating any NBA player much less a perennial All Star and international sensation like Dirk. What is seriously up with that??

  • Brandon

    Oh and Brian: PLEASE look at your own team before throwing the rocks from your glass house bro. How about JKidd hitting his wife numerous times? Stackhouse was in the news a few years ago for assault charges. Shawne Williams was arrested for marijuana possession, and was also found to be housing a murder suspect. And I don’t think I need to mention Josh Howard, even to someone as ignorant as you. LOL so next time you find the urge to hurl some mud at the team thats straight owning up on your Mavericks, maybe you should take a look at their own rap sheet first.

  • Brian D

    @ Brandon:

    It wasn’t really meant for mudslinging, just a response to another person’s nonsensical post. I’m well aware of all that stuff, but someone ripping Dirk over being duped is just a bunch of crap.

    I see it pissed you off though Brandon, so allow me to state that it wasn’t my intentions to go after Nuggets player or fans in general. Except for one poster, you’ve all been nothing but gracious and polite, and as a direct result of that (barring something unforeseen) I’ll be rooting for you guys in the next round.

    I don’t personally think of the Nuggets as “thugs”, everyone makes mistakes. I’ve been to jail, I’ve done drugs, and I have tattoos. But seeing people try to wring Dirk through the mud over something that could really happen to anyone and involved no wrongdoing on his part is too much to stomach.

  • Cynthia

    Victor….YEP, I’m a homer and damn proud of it. IMOP that’s what a true fan and MFFL is SUPPOSED to be. But I hate to tell ya…there are NO moral victories in basketball. It’s either win or lose. And a win is NEVER a loss in my book…no matter how hard it was to win or what leads might or might not have been given up. THAT’S why Kenny’s comment was one of the stupidest ones of all time. Just like the comments the other night about Dirk. PURE STUPIDITY. You can love the guys at TNT all you want…doesn’t mean I have too. I can spot a dumbass a mile away….and the guys at TNT hands down take the prize. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

  • Benny

    Mug Shot of Cristal Taylor – http://www.tugtest.com/index.asp?tugtest=HJLJM

    Dirk sure can pick em!