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Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 13, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • Just a little reminder that despite the lack of a double-header, the Mavs-Nuggs will still tip off at 8:00 central time.
  • Check me out on the NBA Today podcast with Jason Smith talking Mavs — mostly Dirk straight beastin’ and the fan hijinx.
  • Rick Carlisle on technical fouls, via Tim MacMahon of the DMN Mavs Blog: “I’m never an advocate of technicals, even though I’ve had more than my share this year, but when they sort of manifest with a pure heart, you feel a little differently about them, especially if they win. Now, if we’d have lost by a couple points and gave up five technical free throws, I’d be singing a different tune. But I just thought the way we fought was great.”
  • An extensive history of Dirk’s performances in elimination games tells many Mavs fans what they already know: when the pressure swells, so does Dirk’s play.  With one notable exception (2007 was a doozy), Dirk has been exceptional with the series on the line.
  • Mike Moreau of Scouts, Inc./ESPN: “The Game 5 defensive plan must include better efforts by Howard and Antoine Wright to deny Anthony the ball. Once every three or four times isn’t enough. If Anthony gets it going in Game 5, it will be lights out for the Mavericks. Anthony’s defender must deny, front, fight and refuse to concede a single catch in the post, wing or top of the floor. Just preventing two catches per quarter takes 16 potential points away, and Anthony’s attempt to receive a pass in Game 5 should become a fight for position and for the ball…The Mavericks cannot take a single defensive possession off in Game 5. Any lapse in concentration will turn into the quick scoring runs that can turn this game into a blowout. This must be their best defensive effort of the year — every shot contested, everybody in the lane on drives, everybody on the glass.”
  • The Birdman is ready to fly.
  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “Asked if he thought Cuban’s blog, where the owner apologized to Kenyon Martin’s mother and to other Nuggets fans, including Vazquez, whose experience at American Airlines Center was marred by confrontations with Mavericks fans, was the wrong forum for an olive branch, Anthony said: ‘No blog to blog. No twitter to twitter. Face to face.’ Martin also voiced his feeling that the online apology to his mother was not the most genuine way to go about it.”  For what it’s worth, the TNT crew mentioned on Inside the NBA that Mark Cuban apparently tried to contact K-Mart’s agent, tried to contact his mother directly, and even waited for Martin at pre-game shootaround, where Kenyon refused to speak to him.  Let’s all remind ourselves that all of this nonsense is the product of Cuban telling a player’s mother that her son was a ‘punk.’  This is the reason why the off-day hype machine is a bad thing.
  • Oh, but Kenyon did finally make some attempt to communicate with Cuban face to face…but this video isn’t for ye of virgin ears, those at work, or nuns.
  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “Mano-a-Melo. It just doesn’t get much better…Down 3-1, the Mavericks still don’t have much chance to rally for a series win. But with Denver seemingly married to the idea of guarding Nowitzki one-on-one, you have to wonder if just about anything is possible for him. ‘I can’t say enough about what Dirk did out there,’ Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. ‘Just a fantastic performance. There are very few guys I’ve been around in this league that are as strong-willed as he is. Dirk’s performance was amazing.’”
  • Praise for Nene doing the unthinkable: guarding Erick Dampier on the perimeter.
  • And wonderful, another incident with a Nugget familial cheerleader and the Mavs’ bleachers.  Here’s the video of LaLa Vasquez, Carmelo Anthony’s girlfriend/fiancée, being escorted out of the arena.  She’s playing the race card, which isn’t something to throw around.  A Mavs fan claiming to be sitting in her immediate vicinity argues otherwise, but at best it’s he said-she said-she might have said.
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    no love for Dirk getting named to the All-NBA 1st Team?! Come on now….

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      Hold your horses, working on a separate post. Dude deserves more than a bullet point.