Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 5, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • Congrats to LeBron James, the 2008-2009 MVP…and as a footnote, Dirk came in 10th in MVP voting ahead of Tim Duncan and Yao Ming.
  • The thing that Carlisle’s not going to talk about, and we’re not going to talk about.  It is what it is.
  • Oh, look, another writer calling the Mavericks “soft,” and woefully confusing physical toughness and mental toughness.  A push in the back or a hand-check isn’t the same as having an iron will, or the kind of mental toughness needed to survive serious road blocks.  We know the Nuggets can shove with the best of them, but I’d say the jury’s still out on this team’s mental state.
  • Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News: “See, the Nuggets make no apologies for being front-running bullies. They prance. They preen. They pose. They play with the arrogance of a team that’s seeded second in the Western Conference. They know they’re good and don’t mind telling or showing you. They stick their collective finger in your face and dare you to knock it away. Stand up to the Nuggets by matching their physical play and there’s a chance they will implode. The signs were evident during the first three quarters of Game 1 before Denver turned the game into a blowout. You saw Carmelo and J.R. Smith and Anthony Carter whining about every single foul, even though they kept whacking Dirk upside the head. You saw them nearly lose control. We all did. But it didn’t happen. Denver regained its focus, turned up its defensive intensity and blew out the Mavs in the fourth quarter.”

  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “…trying to match Denver’s physical nature isn’t going to be the Mavericks’ cure-all. It will take more than throwing an elbow into the ribs of Denver’s attitude. It will take execution. And as Jason Terry said, it will take perseverance, like the Mavericks had against San Antonio in the first round, even if the game plan is substantially different. ‘Look for us to be in attack mode from the start,’ Terry said Monday. ‘The key is to make them work. We’ve got to give them a chance to make mistakes defensively.’”
  • The Mavs need to kill the Nuggets’ momentum right…about…now.
  • Only slightly related to the series, but I think these accounts are pretty fascinating: the life of an NBA advance scout.
  • The evolution of George Karl.