Behold, the Worst Shot Attempt of Dirk’s Career

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 4, 2009 under xOther | 14 Comments to Read

  • Victor

    I don’t know if this counts as a legit shot attempt though…I think Dirk thought Andersen was going to be called for a foul for the possible forearm shove and just hoisted up the ball hoping that he could get it called for being in the act.

    Jokes on him though, cause it wasn’t any kind of foul whatsoever.

  • Cynthia

    Dirk was the ONLY Mav who did ANYTHING in the first game. So, it’s so nice of you Rob to post this instead. What a fan you are.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Cynthia: I gave Dirk plenty of love in the recap, so I won’t lose any sleep over it. I just thought it was a notable attempt.

  • Cynthia

    Also…I happened to watch the game. And as Victor said, Dirk hoisted it up looking for a foul call. And like so many other (non-calls) that one NEVER came either. If you think this is just a bad shot…you apparently weren’t watching close enough.

    • Rob Mahoney

      I completely agree that Dirk was hoping for a call…but that doesn’t make it any less of a laughably bad shot. There were plenty of possessions where Dirk got hammered, but Victor’s right, the joke was on Nowitzki.

  • Brian D

    I don’t see how there’s really any argument about this, that shot was embarrassing to everyone involved, including me watching at home. I choked on my popcorn a little bit when it happened.

  • Victor

    Hahaha. I still get a kick outta watching this video. LOL. They just played it on TNT again. Man, that’s bad.

  • tcat75

    It was bad. The Mavericks play in the 4th quarter were worse. The refs throughout the entire game were worse.

  • wacc_attack

    at least Barkley gets to feel good about himself and his claims of Dirk sucking

  • Victor

    I prefer Barkley being against us. Remember in ’06/’07 when he kept going off about how Dirk was definitely the MVP and the Mavs would win the GSW series in 5 and he wore a green Dirk jersey in the studio and we got beat?
    That’s what happens when you have Barkley supporting you.

    For the record, I love Chuck. But it’s in the same sense that I’d love my senile grandparents (if I…Had grandparents).

  • Chaz

    I agree with Victor, I like making Sir Charles eat his words more than having him be our booster.
    Being the underdog is best for our squad. Denver was supposed to win game one. They did. We had three solid quarters. Time for adjustments and a better total 48 minutes. The series is still young. And I’m hoping for the best tonight.

  • jaje

    You can hope all you want, this will be over in 5. Denver on top 4-1.

  • wacc_attack

    good call jaje. i heard the same thing after we got pistol whipped by san antonio in game 2.

  • Brandon

    I didn’t see anything particularly notable about this play aside from the fact that the foul was not called. Every player throws it up when they are fouled – it’s a smart play. If Dirk had squared up and fired one of those you’d have a point.