A Video and a Wrinkle

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 10, 2009 under Commentary, Roster Moves | 5 Comments to Read

I’m sure that at this point another viewing of Carmelo’s three isn’t necessary, but in case you’re in the mood for some parody (hat tip to reader Andrew B.):

Also, a little note that you may or may not find interesting.  Last night the betting line on combined points was 209.5…which you’ll notice is just a basket below the final outcome of 211.  With the score sitting at 105-103 advantage Mavs, those betting on the under win the day.  But one no-call and a Carmelo three later (although any basket would have done the trick), ‘over’ bettors are suddenly in the money.  It’s not a scandal, and certainly no conspiracy, but it certainly does put an interesting spin on last night’s events.

  • Kyle

    WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH- mavs fans.

    We are the better team, get over it. Melo gets assualted everytime he touches the ball, but you only want the call when he has a chance to win the game. Also why did wright throw up his hands like he didnt want to foul?

  • Victor

    I miss the classy Nuggets fans. This Kyle guy just missed the point of this whole post, which was basically to just ridicule it and leave it at that.
    1. Dirk gets assaulted too.
    2. We ALL want the calls to win the game. I hate that all these people are bringing up the rationale that Dallas is just bitching because the basket went in. I can guarantee you (GUARANTEE YOU), people in Nuggets land would be FLIPPING SH*TS if the ball rimmed out and time expired with the teams going for a rebound. You know why they’d be that way? Because that foul should’ve been called. And if the game had come down to that, the Nuggets would’ve been screwed. And I, for one, would be VERY happy that Dallas caught a break, but, simultaneously, I would understand that Denver got SCREWED. This victory, however it would’ve played out, is a tainted victory. As a Mavs fan, I would’ve been less irked (but more depressed–and no Dirked jokes or “irked” cause you got no DDDDD jokes…I called it so you can’t do it) if we had just been blown out.
    3. Wright threw up his hands because he thought the foul was already called and he didn’t want any excessive contact. As we’ve clearly seen from this year’s playoffs, the differences between hard fouls and flagrant ones and twos have changed drastically. Not to mention the fact that Wright’s just a squib and Melo’s a superstar. Wright didn’t do anything wrong here. He could’ve done MORE correct, but who’s to say that wrapping Melo up wouldn’t have resulted in something crazy that’d screw the Mavs over legitimately?
    4. After seeing the replay over and over again, I think it’s pretty clear that Wunderlich didn’t see the foul cause the back of Anthony’s body was blocking his view of it. That being said, I really think that, especially in game deciding situations (and ESPECIALLY in SERIES deciding situations), if a SINGLE human ref innocently messes up, there should be some kind of redo. Like that Chargers game. I mean, if ATL-MIA can have a redo for an incorrectly assessed extra foul on a player who, for the redo, isn’t even with the team anymore, why aren’t situations like this replayable?
    5. I think it’s funny how everyone bitches about how the Mavs are bitching, but, very importantly, Dirk and J-Kidd aren’t bitching about it at all. They’ve just moved on. And they don’t get any props for that. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m not a homer, I’m really not, but I have to say it–Dirk, to me, with what he’s had to deal with this year’s playoffs, is as mentally tough as any NBA player out there. And to prove that I’m not a homer–this still doesn’t change the fact that he will probably never, ever win a championship. Especially in Dallas.

  • Victor

    Whoa rambled. Some unclear moments. And typos. don’t care about typos. but have to say one thing…

    “like that chargers game.” means that i think they should’ve redone that infamous possession somehow. but they didn’t. and it’s harder to do redos in football because there’s less games and there’s less chances that two teams would meet up again (if at all) in the same season. i’m just disgusted that major sports leagues think they’re too good to replay things.

  • Brian D

    Victor, replaying things in my opinion isn’t an option. It’s a slippery slope if you start doing that. Where do you draw the line? Poor foul calls? Travels that should’ve been called? Free-throw lane violations? Do we replay the 98′ Finals because Jordan clearly committed an offensive foul? You can’t redo a bad call (or no-call) simply because of when it happened, because it just opens the door to so much more BS that will only hurt the game. I’m not even a fan of assessing retroactive flagrants.

  • DHahn

    Nuggs fan here. You guys obviously got screwed on the last play, and I agree that I would be livid if the tables were turned. The game was called terribly, from beginning to end. Looking through my light-blue colored glasses, I thought the nuggs were getting hosed on the majority of calls, and thought it was crazy the the Mavs still had a foul to give in the closing seconds. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that the “biggest” (non)call definitely did not go your way. Still, props should go to Billups for his fourth quarter and Melo for an amazing shot, as well as Dirk and Kidd’s performances. Tonight should be interesting!