What, Is There a Game Tonight or Something?

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 15, 2009 under Commentary | 6 Comments to Read

You know the story by now: based on the outcomes of the Dallas-Houston, San Antonio-New Orleans, and Denver-Portland games tonight, the Mavs could be seeded anywhere from 6 to Z and will be playing either the Rockets, the Spurs, or the Nuggets.

Who do you guys want to see in the first round?  Against any of those three opponents the Mavs would almost certainly be underdogs, but at least they’re not the Lakers.

I’m not afraid of Denver necessarily, if for no other reason than a twisted psychological justification of this paper tiger vibe I’ve gotten from the Nugs all season.  Maybe somewhere, in my heart of hearts, I think Carmelo may be cursed.  Or maybe I just don’t like Kenyon Martin.  The Nuggets are drawing plenty of attention as a dark horse, but inexplicably, my gut says otherwise.  Chauncey Billups has turned the team around, Carmelo Anthony is a phenomenal scorer, and Nene has ben incredible this season, but something about that team doesn’t sit right with me.

Houston, on the other hand, is a bit frightening.  I’m not sure that anyone on the planet wants to play against Ron Artest for a playoff series, much less Artest with the likes of Shane Battier by his side and Yao Ming on his back.  They have all the pieces to dominate almost every Mav defensively, even if it does mean matching the merely average defender Luis Scola on Dirk.  It’s not that the Mavs can’t beat the Rockets, because they can.  I’m just not too sure they would.  Yao’s too tough of a cover for Damp, Jason Terry and Josh Howard could be smothered on the wings, and essentially the Mavs would be hinged on Dirk going hogwild.  He’s fully capable, but could he do it four times out of seven?

San Antonio, for me, is where the intrigue lies.  They’re a good team, but a wounded one.  On top of that, as I’ve said time and time again, the Mavs were built to beat the Spurs.  Dirk, Josh, and JET pose a lot of problems for the Spurs’ defense, and if Tony Parker’s penetration is halted in the slightest, the Mavs have a good shot.

Regardless, the Mavs have a shot at a series, which is more than we could have said if they were locked in 8th.  I’d prefer to steer clear of the Rox, but come what may.  Personally, I’m hoping for a Mavs win and a Spurs win tonight, setting up another Mavs-Spurs classic.

So, LET’S GO MAVS.  And, for once and once only, LET’S GO SPURS.

  • Victor

    Same with me. I’ve been hoping for a Mavs-Spurs or Mavs-Blazers match-up since early March. I don’t think we’ll beat the Nuggets and Houston, for the exact reasons you mentioned. The Nuggets don’t scare me, I just think they’ll take us in five. But the games’ll be close. The Rockets, on the other hand, make me want to wet my pants. Unless Yao’s foot breaks in half, then? Not so much…

  • Riz

    Completely agree with everything you said.

  • wacc_attack

    i dont understand why everyone is so scared of houston….? yes theyre a very solid team, but we play them well. always have. are you scared of portland? bc LA is. should we be? its all about matchups.

  • Victor

    Whoa whoa whoa. I’ve been saying for weeks that Portland doesn’t scare me. I laugh in the face of the Blazers.

  • Victor

    ALSO: WE WON FIFTY GAMES. This seems totally arbitrary, but I would’ve rather been the 7th seed with 50 games than the 6th with 49. I was so glad we beat Houston. I wish they wouldn’t have pushed the fifty game margin possibility to its near-breaking point, but man. The drama.

  • wacc_attack

    definitely. a lot of pride in those 9 straight 50 win seasons. if cuban is half as good of a business man as i think he is, this should be the closest we get to missing 50 wins for a while.