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Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 30, 2009 under xOther | 5 Comments to Read

Those who know me best are aware of my obsession with LAZËR, and their 2006 euro-synth masterpiece entitled “M-F-F-L“.  It’s actually on a mix CD in my car as we speak.

But unfortunately, it’s become a bit dated.  The song references DeSagana Diop, Marquis Daniels, Devin Harris, Darrell Armstrong, and even Adrian Griffin.  Still a masterpiece of modern ball-inspired synth music, but slightly faded in its majesty.  But today I was treated to a feast for the ears: LAZER has recorded a 2009 remix of their magnum opus.  Follow the link.  Delight in the rhymes.  And let your mind wander back to that 2006 run, a high point in Mavs history in spite of the disappointing finish.

The lyrics are as follows:


This ain’t no false alarm,
Big D got an awesome blonde!
Seven feet with a shot?  Come on!
Nowitzki gonna drop the bomb!

Defenders need to get lost,
And how could we forget Josh?
J-Ho got crazy game!
He can play D or make it rain.

Brandon Bass, smash the glass!
J-Kidd, behind-the-back pass!
Stand clear of Erick Dampier,
Stay out the paint, he’s the man here.
(Ed. note: I firmly believe the true lyrics are the completely nonsensical “He’s the man-pier,” and I will not be convinced otherwise)

Carlisle say, sick ‘em JJ!
Run so quick you need a replay,
The streakin’ Puerto Rican!
And Antoine Wright,
’bout to take flight!

You better be wary, of Jason Terry
He bury a three!
What happen Jerry Stack?
He never came back!  Attack!

Hollins be blockin’ a shots,
Singleton rockin’ the spot,
Lay out LeBron and K.O. Kobe,
Let’s go get the trophy!

M-F-F-L (Let’s get rowdy!)
M-A-V-S (Say it proudly!)
M-F-F-L (Let’s get rowdy!)
M-A-V-S (Say it loudly!)

Let’s go!
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Not gonna tell you twice!

Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Come on! (Mavericks Fans For Life!)
Not gonna tell you twice!

Thank you, tides of fate.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve all this goodness, but I will fully appreciate it.  Also, if anyone can find this song in mp3 form (or wav, or whatever), I shall grant them the honorary title of best friend forever and possibly get their name tattooed on my body. (EDIT: Problem solved)

  • wacc_Attack

    it says on the home page you can get a free mp3 on the downloads page


    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      …well, that was surprisingly easy. BFF wacc it is.

  • wacc_attack

    i want that tat nice and prominent; mike tyson style.

  • Victor

    Haha. These Lazer guys are such b-sers. I love them.

    That ben and skin radio interview was one of my favorite things ever.

    http://www.lazertheband.com/download/Lazer%20Vietnamese%20Radio%20Interview%20(10-24-2004).mp3 –super surreal. I’m of Vietnamese descent…And I grew up around people who listen to Vietnamese radio…NO IDEA WHATSOEVER why they are being interviewed by Vietnamese-American radio. This is not their demographic…Haha.

  • Victor

    sorry about going off topic. haha.