HUGE Breaking News: Manu Ginobili Out for the Season

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 6, 2009 under News | 11 Comments to Read

Manu Ginobili.  Out for the season and playoffs.  Ankle problems and stress fracture.  Whoa.


  • Charles

    Do we want a Denver team with a point guard that Jason Kidd can manage…or a SA team with a quicksilver TP?

  • boogie

    A non issue. I got money on SA finishing 5th… freefall here they come!

  • Victor


    Denver swept us. We split the season series with SA. I’d take the Spurs, but they’re not gonna make it to second. Even before this, I’da be surprised if they got third. Now I’ll be surprised if they win the division.

  • Victor

    …Or make it out the 1st round.

  • wacc_attack


    Denver swept us by winning one game by 1 pt on a BLATANT no-call offensive foul at home with maybe 5 seconds left, and one game on basically the final play while we were w/out J-Ho and J-Kidd while theyre at full strength. Give me a break. In all honesty we should’ve won 3 from the Spurs this year (had plenty of chances in that 2OT home heartbreaker), but we’ve seen what parker can do to us when he knows he IS the offense. we got torched while they were playing without Manu or TD. Ill still take my chances with JR “Let it Rain” Smith.

  • Tim Varner


    Don’t lose your heads. With Tim Duncan at half speed and without Mnnu the Spurs can still make it out of the first round. They basically haven’t had Ginobili all season–and Parker and Duncan have both been injured–and they’re still as good as the rest of West. Check the standings. Maybe they will lose in the first round, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Charles

    I want Denver because I don’t think they can put out anyone to stop Dirk from doing his thing in a 7 game series.

    I’m still having nightmares about the Spurs and their double-team coverage.

  • Chaz

    Hopefully Houston can ease into 3rd and have that secured before the final game of the season. That way they might not take it so hard to us during the last game. I’m hoping the Mavs can climb to 7th, but getting all the way to 6th might be unachievable with so few games left. Tomorrow is going to be nearly as big as Sunday.

  • wacc_attack

    anything but 8, thats the motto right now. we can hang with everyone, save the lakers. tomorrow night is CRITICAL. i have a good feeling though, given the way we’ve been clicking with Josh back in the lineup, and the way Utah plays on the road (the NOH game was a bit of an outlier).

  • Victor

    Yeah but the Nuggets are playing a lot better now than during those games. I don’t know. I don’t think we could take either of them in a seven games, I just think we have a higher chance against a weak-kneed Duncan leading a Ginobili-less Spurs.

  • Charles

    It’s not Duncan I’m worried about…it’s Popovich. I don’t think Carlisle can out-coach the man in a seven game series.

    I have no respect for George Karl, however.