Finley Does the Mavs a Solid

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 15, 2009 under News | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by AP.

Once a Mav, always a Mav, apparently.  When I was finally able to check in on the box score of the San Antonio-New Orleans game, the Spurs were down five points with just 47 seconds left.  Sigh.  So I pushed my laptop away a bit, only to check in a few minutes later to find the Spurs, with possession, down just three.  Mavs-Rockets was still too competitive to flip away from, so I was left hanging on a refreshing box score window.

Then, all of a sudden, I heard my phone vibrate.  And I knew.

The Spurs had done it.

I changed channels to see the replay, a smooth Finley three off of a well designed play by Popovich.  It seems like a lifetime since Michael Finley has been a Maverick, but with that shot, he gave a lot of Mavs fans exactly what they wanted: a first round date with the San Antonio Spurs, for better or worse.  Thanks for everything, Fin.

  • Brian D

    Finally me living in Louisiana has redeemed itself. I was flipping over to the Hornets game during timeouts and rooting hard for the Spurs (I feel a little dirty).

    What a great game, they really manned up in every way against a very physical team.

    If anything deserved a late night post, it was this Rob.

    Time for the real season to start. Familiar faces and places, time to renew the rivalry.

  • Andytobo

    I heard on the radio that the Hornets had a 3 point lead with seven seconds to go–by the time I got into the house it was tied.

    It’s not as good a favor as Kevin McHale did the Celtics (aw come on, that was a pretty fair trade. I’m pretty sure) but it was a hell of a nice nod from Fin.

    It may not matter, but it sure is nice on a night when the Hornets and the Rockets choked to be the one still standing.