Stackhouse Aims to Return Friday

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 11, 2009 under News | Be the First to Comment

Well, look who’s coming to dinner.  From Eddie Sefko on the DMN Mavs Blog:

After a two-game attempt last month to return from a painful right foot injury did not go well, Jerry Stackhouse has been working out twice daily on his own and said today he plans on rejoining the Mavericks Thursday in the Bay Area. That doesn’t necessarily mean Stackhouse will be ready to suit up and play Friday against Golden State. But he said his foot feels considerably better now than it did when he tried to come back earlier. “As a competitor, you’re always going to try to play sooner instead of later,” Stackhouse said. “But it definitely feels better now than it was the last time. It’s time for me to get back in the gym with the team and see where it goes from there.”…The Mavericks are trying to move up in the playoff seedings and Stackhouse said he can relate to what Josh Howard is going through now with a left ankle problem and Jason Terry went through earlier this month with a broken bone in his hand. It’s human nature to try to come back as quickly as possible. “Jet probably came back earlier than he should have and I talked with Josh and he may be trying to catch up with the team, too,” Stackhouse said. “We’re all pushing and clawing and fighting for the same thing and it’s frustrating not being able to be there to help.”

I don’t mind Stack dusting off the sneakers and hitting the floor to see what he’s got.  By all means he’s earned it with his service to the Mavs. What I do mind is if playing time is handed to him at the expense of J.J. Barea, Jason Terry, or maybe even Antoine Wright, when he hasn’t earned it this year.  Rick Carlisle has shown up to this point that he isn’t the type of coach to do that, but playing a vet like Stack may prove to be too alluring for even Carlisle’s will to endure.  Give him some burn for appraisal reasons, but if it isn’t there, it isn’t there.  Stackhouse was atrocious earlier this season, and several months of inactivity and plantar fasciitis aren’t the magic cure for offensive inefficiency.

It’s no hard feelings, Stack, but right now the team can’t afford to miss a step.