Rumor Mongering: It’s All Gooden

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 2, 2009 under News, Rumors | 4 Comments to Read

From Marc Stein:

[Drew] Gooden was formally waived by the Kings shortly after 11 p.m. ET on Sunday night. He had to be released by 11:59 p.m. to be playoff-eligible for his next employer. Gooden was due $7.1 million in the final season of his contract.

San Antonio and Dallas are among the teams that will be chasing Gooden hardest this week, sources said, with the Cleveland Cavaliers expected to land the other prominent veteran who reached a buyout agreement Sunday night: Oklahoma City’s Joe Smith.

Tell me this a week ago, and I might be interested.  Drew Gooden is a decent scorer (notably not a back-to-the-basket scorer; Gooden’s game is almost exclusively face-up) who can play spot minutes at center, but any interest I would have had in Gooden has been curtailed by James Singleton’s ridiculous play of late.  I’ll side with Brandon Bass and Singleton, two quality players who already know the system and don’t quite share Gooden’s poor defensive reputation.

Then again, might feigning interest in Gooden be worth it just to prevent San Antonio from getting more frontcourt depth?

  • David

    I like Drew Gooden since his days back in Orlando. But i’m a little bit afraid about his health.

    And i’m with Rob about the Singleton case. But if he is available for cheap, why not?

  • Gerd

    I’m all for signing Drew. What do we have to lose? I don’t get the thinking that just because Singleton has played extremely well the past few games that we should be content with that. I say, if we get the opportunity to add a big man like Gooden then we should just go ahead. We’re not trading the guy we’re just signing him to a vet min deal. What is there to lose seriously? I’d take that as our low risk high reward type signing over the Gerald Green signing last offseason.

  • Charles

    Thing about Drew is that he`s not a banger in the post. We already have a PF with a smooth shot in Bass and an enthusiastic backup in Singleton. Why would we need to bring in a slightly-above average scorer who knows nothing about the Mavs` system?

    And we don’t need anyone coming in undermining the play of Singleton, a new battle for minutes can’t be good for team chemistry.

  • dgatorr

    the only reason i can see to try for gooden would be so SA dont get him. after last nights loss to OKC, it wouldnt be of any betterment to add him. there is only 2-3 players on this team that rises up when the goin gets tough, and 1 who should be risin up, stays in the locker room the second half ! after 24 losses that pretty much have been lossed because of no attitude of urgency lives in this team. its pretty much over now, stick a fork in em, they’re done !