Rumor Mongering: Hooray for Undersized Shooting Guards!

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 3, 2009 under Rumors | Be the First to Comment

From Dave D’Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger:

Agent Mark Bartelstein just made it unofficially official: The Nets are out of the running for his client, Luther Head.

And before you jump to conclusions, you should know this: It was only their inability to guarantee playing time that was the dealbreaker.

And no, they didn’t go cheap on you with a playoff berth at stake: “If we wanted to come, they were willing to pay,” Bartelstein believes.

But here’s your basic bottom line: “They have a three-guard rotation right now that they’re set with, and we want Luther to control his own destiny,” the agent said of his free-agent client, who was waived by Houston Saturday. “So it’s not going to be the Nets — it’s just not the right fit. It’s about minutes right now for him.”

Head will choose between Milwaukee, Miami, Dallas and San Antonio. But Charlotte is still in the picture.

If playing time is the deal-breaker, I’m not sure Dallas is an ideal locale for Head.  He doesn’t have the skills to be a real back-up point, and Jason Terry has already cemented himself as the first shooting guard off the bench.  Now, if the Mavs have something different altogether in mind — say, if they think Head is a better option at the starting 2 than Antoine Wright — it could work.  But it would definitely require that type of creativity, in my eyes.