Heard It Through the Grapevine 3-31-09

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  • No, Jason Kidd’s comments won’t die.  From David Moore on the DMN Mavs Blog: Speculate all you want about where Jason Kidd will wind up after this season. But keep one thing in mind: do you really think he will take a one-year contract at the mid-level exception? No. Kidd has said he’s not interested in a one-year deal or becoming a rent-a-player at this stage of his career. He’s wants a commitment. One year isn’t a commitment. It’s a lease. Can he change his mind? Sure. Who doesn’t change their mind? But when assessing what the off-season holds for Kidd, don’t dismiss what he’s stated. And don’t underestimate the level at which he performs. His impact is well-beyond that of someone who earns the mid-level exception.”  A few things.  First, if the Mavs are still clearly a team on the decline, would that option still tickle Kidd’s fancy?  His growing disenchantment with the situation in New Jersey coincided with the Nets’ fall from grace and in the standings.  You can argue chicken and egg on that one, but for the sake of argument I’m inclined to believe that Kidd would rather try his chances with a good team or at the very least, a team with promise, than opt for a more stable but potentially more depressing situation in Dallas.  The Mavs aren’t doomed to fail, but something needs to be done before the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.  Second, most comprehensive looks at the Mavs’ future that I’ve seen involve Kidd signing a one-year deal for the sake of maneuverability in 2010.  If Kidd wants a promise ring, is he really likely to get it from the Mavs?  And, taking it a step further, would it really be in the team’s best interest to lock him up for three or four years?
  • A blueprint of the kind of implosion Dallas would need for Phoenix to make the playoffs.
  • A money quote from Dirk, via Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “We’re missing Josh. Right now, we’re a jump-shooting team. Josh can make a difference in that area. Over the last couple of years, he turned himself more into a jump shooter than I think we all wanted. But he still has that ability to get to the foul line and slice in there, and that’s what we need to make a good run in the last nine games…It’s been frustrating, no doubt. Right now, if me and Jet don’t shoot the ball well, we’re going to lose the game. That’s why we need Josh. It’s tough to make up for a good scorer like Josh for a long time. It’ll be great to get him back. Then we can let it all hang out there.” Thought it was interesting how candid Dirk was about Josh’s jump shooting habits.
  • On the flip side, Tim MacMahon holds no punches in his assessment of Josh Howard on the DMN Mavs Blog: “The real reason the Mavs need Howard to perform well down the stretch is to remind potential trade partners that he still has the talent to be an All-Star-caliber player. It’s clear that the Mavs as currently constructed aren’t contenders. For all the talk about the Great Free Agent Summer of 2010, the Mavs’ best chance to pry the window back open might be to strike this summer. I’m not talking about an all-out blow-up, just a major remodeling around Dirk and Jason Terry. Jerry Stackhouse will have value because of the financial savings his buyout option would provide a team. Erick Dampier should draw interest because he has an eight-figure expiring contract. But Howard, who has a team option for 2010-11 and a ton of talent, should be the Mavs’ best trade bait. If Howard plays well over the next six weeks, that could help put the Mavs in position to actually have a good chance to win a playoff series next season.”
  • Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com sums up the season nicely: “‘We’ve just got to play a little harder. …’ might be the epitaph on this club’s 2008-09 tombstone.”
  • Former Mav James Donaldson is running for mayor of Seattle.  Represent.
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    Dirk failed in the class “How to lie while speaking”. Epically failed.