Heard It Through the Grapevine 3-30-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 30, 2009 under xOther | Read the First Comment

  • I’m going to leave the Kidd-to-Cavs comments alone for now, with a more conclusive post coming later
  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “Jason Kidd on Sunday came through with one of those acts of leadership that sometimes go unnoticed. Kidd informed coach Rick Carlisle he wanted a chance to guard LeBron James from the opening tip. Kidd said he was feeling great physically after resting his back for one game. The result? James was 3-of-11 in the first half and had nine points. Yes, he had eight assists. And he would make a flurry of jump shots in the third quarter, when the Cavaliers pulled away. But Kidd’s move showed guts and sent a strong message to his teammates.”  Yeah.  But we lost.  Big time.  It’s one thing to show guts and send a strong message pre-game, but any positive, intangible contributions Kidd made in terms of leadership were gone by halftime.
  • Rick Carlisle on LeBron’s MVP Chances (via Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News): “‘Historically, record tends to carry the day as to who is the guy,’ he said. ‘So if Cleveland comes up with the best record, I’d be shocked if he didn’t get it.’”
  • The Mavs have dropped two straight, but the Suns have done them a big favor in dropping their last three.  The Mavs are an even safer 3.5 games ahead of Phoenix, but remain an equally daunting 2.5 games out of catching New Orleans at 7th.  The Mavs will get two cracks at NOLA in the coming weeks, and one crack at Utah, who shares the same record.

And a little sub-section of bullets from John Krolik’s excellent recap at Cavs the Blog:

  • The Shot Chart for the game shows Dirk shooting 4-18 from midrange, but the next-level data I have from Arnovitz says Dallas as a team went 3-26 from midrange. We’ll have to sort this discrepancy out the next time the LA TrueHoop faction meets in our volcano lab, but the moral of the story is that Dallas was pretty much fail when they went ISO and shot mid-range jumpers.”  Yikes.
  • “As the Cavs outscored the Mavericks 30-11 in the third to win the game, LeBron scored or assisted for 26 of those points, running pick-and-pop with Z, slashing for layups on a fast-break, being the screener and rolling to the hoop with Delonte, getting hot for three midrange Js in a row, finding Mo for threes, and drilling threes of his own to end the quarter.”
  • “Did I catch this team on a weird night, or is Jason Kidd clearly the best player on that team with Dirk playing the ‘T-Mac on the Rockets’ role at this point? Dirk’s far more efficient, but it seems like more good things are happening when the ball’s in J-Kidd’s hands.”  John – you caught the team on a weird night.  Kidd offers plenty off goodness, but he just doesn’t impact the game consistently enough to offer a contribution on-par to Dirk’s.
  • David

    Man that game sucked. After being up by 15 early then giving it away so fast. We are pretty locked in to play the Laker’s first round… yay