Heard It Through the Grapevine 3-26-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 26, 2009 under xOther | Read the First Comment

  • Why are the Mavs still wearing ‘Los Mavs’ jerseys?  I was under the impression that the celebration lasted a night or two, maybe a week tops.
  • Jason Kidd is among the latest to help champion the cause for 6-year-old Jasmina, a girl diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia whose survival demands a bone marrow transplant.  Kidd will be doing his cheek swab test later today, but those in the Dallas area will have their chance this weekend at the NorthPark Center.  Details here.
  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “Don Nelson has seen this setup before and he thinks the Mavericks – or somebody else in the Western Conference – could join the Warriors as No. 8 seeds who have beaten the top-seeded team in a best-of-7 first round. Why? Because injuries are playing such havoc with the West. Nelson firmly believes that with the Lakers missing center Andrew Bynum, nothing is guaranteed. ‘I don’t think everybody’s as deep as they thought,’ Nelson said. ‘Even the Lakers are lacking something. They’re still winning, but they’re not as powerful. But if Bynum doesn’t come back, they’re as vulnerable as anybody else who’s missing a major player.’”
  • Gerald Green getting some love from his coach and himself after his performance last night (via Tim MacMahon of the DMN Mavs Blog): “‘Gerald Green gave us a big boost — in 18 minutes, going for 14 points,’ Rick Carlisle said. ‘He just played a real solid, sensible game.’ We all know the ex-Slam Dunk champ is capable of the spectacular. Solid and sensible? He’ll have a long future in the league if that becomes a trend. Green grabbed five rebounds and actually had an assist — his 14th in 327 minutes this season. He made six of 10 shots from the floor, and I can only recall one that I thought was forced, which he tends to do too often. Of course, Green did give the fans an ooooooh moment, throwing down a two-hand windmill jam on a breakaway during garbage time. Antoine Wright mentioned to Green in the locker room after the game that Golden State’s Keleena Azubuike had a chance to catch up on the play. Green cracked a big smile. ‘He didn’t want none of that duh-duh-duh,’ Green said, busting a bit of the SportsCenter tune.”
  • In the not exactly hyped, hardly anticipated battle of Barea v. Ellis, the winner (by virtue of TKO) might surprise you.  Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com explains: “JJB did more than ‘avoid being at a disadvantage.’ He confused Ellis and the Warriors off the dribble, used the alley-oop pass to get to seven assists, and got to the rim with ease, shooting 8-of-11 in large part due to his cleverness among the interior trees. Bamboozled ‘em, is what he did. Barea was almost single-handedly responsible for an 8-0 surge at the end of the third quarter. He made three consecutive whirling-dervish layups and then on a fourth try, earned a trip to the line. He started the fourth with more of the same, getting the Mavs rolling with yet another acrobatic layin. ‘They kept calling that high pick-and-roll for me,’ JJB said, ‘and I kept being aggressive.’ Ellis is touted as a Golden State star, and he was good, with 22 points and five assists. JJB isn’t much touted. But he was good, with 20 points, seven assists and three steals. If Dallas’ backup point guard is going to match Golden State’s star point guard. … well, Golden State is going to lose by 22 or so.”
  • Mark Cuban uses a quiet, almost reporter-less moment to reflect on the future of sports media coverage in the Dallas area: “It was a sad moment. Yesterday, prior to the Mavs – Warriors game I went through my pre game routine on the Gauntlet.  Over the years the number of people asking me questions has varied from game to game.  From as many as 10 to as of yesterday, one. Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News was there to ask some questions. There weren’t bloggers. There weren’t wire service writers.  Just Eddie…The Morning News and all the local papers and online and offline media are still covering the Mavs. We still get the ink, but the real question is what would happen if our local papers shut down and went online only? How would we reach the casual fan that wont invest time to go to the online sports section or the Mavs website?”
  • David Moore of the DMN Mavs Blog brings up a very interesting point to consider: The Mavericks are trying to keep Phoenix in their rear view mirror. The more the Suns win…the longer it delays the Mavericks securing a playoff spot. But here’s the other side of the equation. The more the Suns win against teams ahead of the Mavericks in the standings, as they did Wednesday night against Utah, the better chance the Mavericks have to move up and out of the No. 8 seed. Every Phoenix win against the top teams in the West drags those teams back toward Dallas. The Suns have five games left against teams ahead of them in the West standings. What do you think? Is it better for the Mavericks if they win most of those games, or lose them?”
  • It seems more common than it really is, but in last night’s 22-point win over Golden State, there wasn’t a single Maverick with a negative +/-.  The lowest was Brandon Bass with a neutral zero.  I know it’s a blowout, but that’s still impressive given how close the game was in the first half.
  • What does Rick Carlisle do when he gets tossed out of a game?  From Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “‘The first thing you got to do is find a TV and watch what goes on,’ Carlisle said. ‘You’re allowed to talk to the team at halftime and I’ve done that. But if you’re going to get thrown out of games, you got to have good assistants, who can take over and get you in a position to win. I have no concern about that with my guys. [Assistants Dwane Casey and Terry Stotts] are very experienced. If it happens here, I sit in my office. If it happens on the road, wherever the TV is, that’s where I go…I watch with interest, obviously. But there’s only so much you can do back there.’”
  • Mangini

    This might be in bad taste, but how funny would it be if Kidd was a match and had to miss a couple of crucial games.