Heard It Through the Grapevine 3-17-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 17, 2009 under xOther | 11 Comments to Read

  • The Lakers want the Mavs in the first round.  IMark Jackson tends to agree, and can’t “envision” the Mavs upsetting the Lakeshow.  I would kindly reply “No, thank you,” and shimmy on down to San Antone.  (Hat tip for the first link to Tim MacMahon of the DMN Mavs Blog)
  • Former Mav Roy Tarpley has just settled a lawsuit against the Mavs and the league for his drug “ban” from the NBA.  Interesting, especially since Cuban wasn’t even remotely involved with Tarpley’s fall from grace.  But, I guess when you buy a company, any company, you buy all the problems that come with it.
  • Rick Carlisle, via Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: “Our margin for error isn’t great, especially when we’re fighting injuries,” Carlisle said. “We just have to find a way to gut these games out.”
  • Richie Whitt of Sportatorium: “To me, Antoine Wright is getting too many minutes. He’s a decent player, but he is not the answer at shooting guard. While he was on the floor during the four-game trip the Mavs had a minus-31 scoring margin. He was negative in every game. Against the more athletic Warriors I would’ve loved to have seen Gerald Green at least get a chance. Right?”  Do Mavs fans exist that don’t like Gerald Green?  I’m not convinced that they do.  I’m penciling a pattern for a “I (Heart) GG” tattoo as we speak.
  • Carl Landry, who was shot very early this morning in what is reported to be a drive-by shooting, will miss just 1-2 weeks.  If I were to be shot in the leg, I would milk it for at least a month off from doing anything, cry like a four-year-old girl, and claim that I’d never be able to walk again.  That, again, is just a clarification of the difference between me and Carl Landry…in case you were curious.
  • Didn’t get a mention here yesterday (hard to mention something when I’m not posting), but the “Mavericks FAIL” movement rages on among Phoenix fans.  From what I can tell, the movement centers mostly on rehashing old memories of the Mavs-Warriors series.  Whatever you’re into, guys.  My prediction is that it’s a noble effort, and as a fan you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, but channeling all the negative energy the Suns have to offer (and trust me, that franchise is mired with it) won’t slow the Mavs down enough to slide out of the playoffs.
  • http://www.fanster.com/suns Ben

    Ben from the Mavs Fail movement here. It’s really more of a “My God we are going to miss the playoffs and we’re going crazy” type of movement, and the Mavs were unfairly (or fairly) targeted as our enemy. Much more to come in the next few weeks other than the Warriors/Mavs series, I assure you. Many topics to bring up about the Mavs Fail (as there are about Suns fail). All in good fun.

  • wacc_attack

    Mavericks Fail.


    last i remember we failed you guys in the playoffs. dirk droppin 50 on you in elimination game what?

    sorry guys, but it looks like its time to peace out P-town down for you.

    thanks for the added motivation come early April. ripping your hearts out on national television will feel that much sweeter knowing how badly you still believe.

    (ps…..yes all in good fun indeed. best of luck. should be a fun few weeks.)

  • Brian D

    Yes, Mavs fans exist who don’t care for Gerald Green. A 4th year player who can’t crack a shallow 2 guard lineup (and couldn’t crack an equally shallow swingman rotation on a 22 win T’wolves team) despite having absurd athletic ability and a good outside shot? A guy who can’t stay on the court for more than 5 minutes at a time unless it’s garbage time due to his uncanny knack for being completely lost on both ends of the floor? I think I’ll take the check, please. As much as I’d love to see Green put it together and become the player we all know he has the potential to be, I know it’s far more likely for him to be remembered the same way I remember Harold Miner.

    On the other notes Carl Landry is hardcore. Anytime someone snags a DNP-GUNSHOT and only misses two weeks, my respect for that person grows exponentially.

    The Mavs Fail website was pretty hilarious, and I can’t wait to flame their comments section once the Suns miss the playoffs.

  • Chaz

    Here’s my thought about Green. He needs more time on the floor with Kidd. I think Wright needs more time out there with JET. I don’t know if that means possibly giving Kidd more time with the second unit (goodbye scoring) and JET with the first, but I think that would best suit Green IF he’s going to play.
    Of course, it’d sure be nice to see Stack dressed out and not rusty. That’d be able to gloss over some of the current rotation woes.

  • Charles

    I think it’s safe to say that Stack is DONE for the season. Anyone who saw his play during the brief comeback knows that there’s no way he can make a contribution to the team this year.

    2 steps too slow, doesn’t have his shot…stick a fork in him.

  • Victor

    I think it’s safe to say that Stack might be done…For his CAREER. He’s given us some nice clutch shots, but…I think it’s over for him. He’s resorting back to his Brickhouse days.

    You know what I found today? My SNES NBA Hangtime game. He was on it. That’s how old he is.

    I’m a huge Suns fan, but if there’s anything I hate about Suns fans, it’s when they throw the Warriors debacle or the ’06 Finals in the face of Mavs fans. At least we’ve made it to the Finals.

    And what’s this “you think the way to beat the Suns is to let one of the greatest shooters ever in NBA history….shoot” crap? Suns fans, lecturing us about defense?

    My philosophy is to just hope that all the other teams from the Spurs on down fail horribly. The Jazz’s three-game losing streak was great. (Also, because it gives us a chance to move to 7th!) It’s a slim hope. I know. When push comes to shove, and if it has to go there–I hope Dallas puts one in Phoenix’s back next time they meet. If you think it’s hard to be a Suns or a Mavs fan, try loving both of them. I used to look forward to their meetings.

  • Jared

    I really wonder when people will let it go with Gerald Green. The dude just isn’t going to make it. He was given chances early in the season, when we had more options at the swing positions. The fact that he’s completely buried should tell you all you need to know.

    This isn’t Avery or Nellie burying him, coaches often unwilling to give young players a chance. Rick has given everyone on our roster chances this season. Gerald was given his own chances throughout the season.

    The reality is the guy has no feel for the game, is constantly lost on defense, and has had questionable work habits everywhere he’s been. Jeff Van Gundy criticized his warm up routine during Sunday’s telecast when he contrasted it against Bass, whom he said was working with a purpose.

    People need to let the Gerald Green thing go.

  • Charles

    Nets fans felt the same thing with Sean Williams…although his idiotic actions off the court has made it very easy for Nets fans to forget him this season.

  • Brian D

    Someone needs to inform Victor that polygamy was outlawed in 1862.

  • Victor

    Brian D–someone already has. The Suns are my mistress. It’s very awkward when my ladies meet.

  • wacc_attack

    definitely a twisted relationship between us and the Suns…between Finley, Nash, and Kidd, we’ve had our fair share of inbreeding. gross.