Rumor Mongering: What? Chris Bosh? Where?!

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 2, 2009 under Rumors | 11 Comments to Read

Everyone’s favorite outspoken, overstated, two-decibels-too-loud analyst, Stephen A. Smith, is reporting that Toronto’s Chris Bosh wants out, and cites the Mavs as being interested in dealing for him.  My response: duh.  Chris Bosh is really, really good.  If his status with the Raptors is indeed dubious, I have no doubt that the Mavs are interested.  But realistically, what do the Mavs have that Toronto would want?  Josh Howard?  Jason Terry?  Dirk?  I’m not sure anything short of ze German would get it done, and that seems like a pretty steep price.

I don’t know what I’m thinking; this is a post about a rumor, not a post about crushing dreams.  So plug it into the trade machine: Dampier and Devean George for Chris Bosh!  Seems fair, right?

Here’s the clip (Bosh talk at the 1:58 mark):

Via Raptors Republic.

UPDATE: Bosh responds to the “rumor” with a “Hahahahahaha NO.”  Not really, but basically.  Here’s the quote, from the Toronto Star (via FanHouse): ” “No. No. No, I haven’t told him that,” Bosh said today after practice. And just to add another layer of denial, he was asked whether his agent could have made the statement. “No,” he said.”

Stephen A. Smith, FTL.

DOUBLE UPDATE: What does that mean exactly?  …Who knows?  It’s a rumor, for gossakes, if you want closure, wait until a trade goes down, or doesn’t, and wait until the summer of 2010 passes.

  • http://- 1st

    if i’m colangelo, i take amar’e for bosh.
    if i’m colangelo and have to deal with dallas, i take howard and terry and bass for bosh
    if i’m nelson, i take bosh and o’neal for howard, stack, dampier and fillings
    if i’m dirk, i opt out and sign for 1,3 mil per year at orlando, lakers or portland for some championship-piggybacking

    thank godness than none of that happens, eh?

  • Jared

    I think it’d be an interesting case study to determine how Dirk and Bosh would coexist offensively. They’re both largely high-post players.

    Not that I wouldn’t jump on just about any trade scenario that puts them together. Just saying, it might not be the most perfect pairing.

  • DallasDeuce

    I don’t see any way (outside of trading Dirk) that the Mavs could make this deal… The only legitimate big that Dallas can give Toronto would be Dampier, and the Raptors would never want to take on his salary.

    Here’s a ridiculous scenario, but I don’t think that either team would even want to pursue it because it creates too many holes (PG for Mavs and C for Raptors):

  • wacc_attack

    i would do this one all day long…all day long

    throw in a draft pick (we never use them for anything good anyway, save the J-Ho excpetion). But Andrea started playing like a true balla lately, so there is no way no how this would ever go down.

  • http://- 1st

    i think no team would take on dampier w/o dirk.
    can someone prove otherwise?

  • Jared

    I think a lot of teams with a more finesse PF (like Bosh) would take Damp to play alongside in a heartbeat.

    Damp’s contract is no longer untradeable (based on the notion that seems to be commonly accepted that his final year is almost certainly not going to be guaranteed), and he’s an under rated player by the general populous of Mavs’ fans, imo.

  • DallasDeuce

    I have a hard time believing that teams are lining up to pay Dampier $10 million next year, and $13 million the year after that, when he’s only averaging 5.5 points and 7.3 rebounds.

    Dampier has been spoon-fed baskets by Kidd this year, and he’s still struggling to create any offensive production.

  • wacc_attack

    whatever we do, i hope we manage to retain bass. the first part of this seasons i looked like his development from last year might have stunted for a bit, but the last few weeks he is finally kicking it into gear. if he keeps advancing, we can have a real beast on our hands. no other guy on the team throws it down with more authority than bass. he is a good shooter, and a great FT shooter for a dude his size. if he managers to channel his energy more efficiently, i easily see him as a guy who can get 15 & 10 each game for us.

  • Jared


    Clearly you’d only need Damp as a starting center if you had an offensive power forward who need a big defensive center to play with (like, say, Dirk).

    It’s very easy to focus on the offense that Damp doesn’t give you while ignoring the other aspects of his game that are really quite value. He’s an very good rebounder, and an elite offensive rebounder. He’s a quality man-on-man defender, in addition to being a good weak-side shot blocker (the former was something that always separated him from Diop).

    He’s also not the liability on offense that, say, Diop is. Damp is fully capable of moving the ball within the offense, he starts breaks very well with his outlet passing (very under rated part of his game in my opinion). Damp is a solid starting center in the NBA, and he’s just about the perfect center to play alongside Dirk (assuming to can’t find the elusive two way center).

    Also, as I stated in my previous comment, the final year of Damp’s contract is non-guaranteed unless he meets one of several incentives, all of which are pretty much guaranteed to not happen at this point.

  • David

    Interessting quote by Chris Broussard:

    “As great as Baron Davis can be, he’s just not motivated playing for a lousy team in his hometown. Plus, his body has been fragile his whole career, so logic says that should only become a bigger problem with age.

    So offer Davis ($11.25 million) and Marcus Camby ($10 million) to Dallas for Jason Kidd ($21.372 million). This trade works under the salary cap, immediately puts Dallas near the top of the Western Conference, and saves the Clippers $61.65 million over the next four years.”

  • Kevin

    Yeah, we can’t get Bosh. I do think Damp is underrated though, and it kind of goes back to the incident like 4 years ago where Mark Cuban got mad at his announcers for discussing player contracts. If we didn’t know how much Damp made I think more Mavs fans would love him. It’s not his fault the Mavs overpaid. I’m rambling now though.