Rumor Mongering: …This Has to Be a Joke

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 4, 2009 under Rumors | 2 Comments to Read

From Sam Amick if the Sacramento Bee:

[Beno] Udrih may be on his way out as well, as Dallas is believed to have inquired about him as a possible backup for Jason Kidd with the pieces coming to Sacramento likely including Jerry Stackhouse (this season and next for a combined $14.3 million).

Yuck.  Absolutely disgusting.  Stack is one of the Mavs’ most valuable trade chips, and if you ask me, Beno Udrih is actually worse than J.J. Barea, who currently mans the backup gig.  Tom Ziller sums Udrih up nicely: “…for every good Beno performance he offers two bad nights.”  Oh, and let’s not forget that Udrih has a ridiculous contract as the recipient of the full midlevel exception (he’s due over $32 million and his deal ends in 2013).  One of the motivations for shipping out Diop was to get out from under the weight of his contract.  What’s the significance of that if Dallas is going to trade what basically amounts to an expiring deal to Sacramento for an equally bad deal for a player who clearly is not a starting caliber point guard?  I’m hoping the inquiries Amick describes are nothing more than that, because after watching Beno play this season I think I’d rather him not wear Maverick blue, especially if it means parting with Stack.

  • Jared

    Yeah…yuck is right. It’s definitely debatable whether Udrih is any better than JJB.

    What a horrendous move that would be.

  • David

    Let’s hope that this trade will never happen. But i can’t imagine that Donnie wouldn’t throw in the same arguments against it like Rob did.