Rumor Mongering: Richard Jefferson, Anybody?

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 23, 2009 under Rumors | 6 Comments to Read

The trade deadline is over — aren’t these things supposed to stop?  Apparently not, because now we’re looking ahead to this summer and beyond.  From John Hollinger:

Even then they aren’t assured of being under the tax, especially since teams with cap space know money is tight in Milwaukee, and thus will come after their restricted free agents hard. That’s why trading [Richard] Jefferson seemed so palatable for the Bucks; from here on out it’s going to be much harder to put together deals that get them under the tax without great pain. One possibility to file away in your back pocket: They could trade Jefferson to Dallas for Jerry Stackhouse (only partially guaranteed at $2 million), Antoine Wright and Jose Juan Barea; replacing the latter two players with Matt Carroll would also work.

The small forward/shooting guard distinction is dubious at best, so the fact that Josh Howard and Richard Jefferson are natural small forwards probably doesn’t make that much of a difference.  He’s 28 and has plenty of money coming his way, but he might actually be a good prototype for what the Mavs want from their starting shooting guard: a solid wing defender, a good finisher, a decent jumpshooter, and aside from ripping the city of Milwaukee (who hasn’t?), a guy who quietly goes about his business and goes to work.  The fact that he’s played (and thrived) with Kidd in the past is the cherry on top.

Of course, whether or not you’re interested in Jefferson likely has to do with how you diagnose the Mavs.  If you think the biggest hole on the roster is shooting guard, logic would put you in favor of Richardson, who can either fill that role himself or slide Josh Howard into that position.  If you think the biggets hole is at center, this trade probably doesn’t do anything for you.  It’s tough to gauge exactly what Stack’s value this summer will be as of this point, but I’m putting it out there: I wouldn’t mind having Richard Jefferson on the roster one bit.

  • jj barea

    how about i stay?

  • Rob Mahoney

    I’m with you; the Stack and Carroll deal sounds a lot better to me.

  • Charles

    ^^ Right now I wouldn’t trade you for the world!

    Just keep putting up 20+ off the bench and we’ll be happy to have ya.

  • wacc_attack

    yeah, i love how ESPN proposes those two versions of the trade as total equals, it seems, and not just money wise (i.e. Stack + Wright + Barea vs. Stack and Carrol). The latter is a complete nobrainer, barring a sudden explosion of ballin’ on carrol’s part. The other trade I wouldn’t even consider doing, unless we could find another quality backup PG. Barea, and Bass, have the chance to become real quality studs for us, and have already shown the ability to carry a game when needed. And it’s fascinating how much better each plays when the other is on the court.

  • Charles

    Oh how I laughed when those two kept running the same play over and over against the Rockets…


  • Wacc_attack

    Yup…if not for a few mishandled passed down the stretch, we shouldve had that one. That and the whole dirk going 4-18 thing…