Rumor Mongering: Half-Man, Half-Ridiculous Trade Buzz

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 10, 2009 under Rumors | 8 Comments to Read

From via the DMN Mavs blog:

After tonight, the All-Star break begins for the Nets. They resume their schedule next week at Houston and Dallas in advance of the Feb. 19 trade deadline. The three Texas teams are among those interested in Carter, according to league sources….The Mavericks’ interest is compelling because Jason Kidd is in Dallas and asked to be traded last year in part because of Carter. Jerry Stackhouse likely would be involved.

Initial reaction: kthnxno.  But what if there was a way for the Mavs to get Carter without giving up Howard?  It’s almost impossible to pull off without giving up a key cog of the team, so a three-way trade would have to be the way to go.  Carter would unquestionably be an upgrade at shooting guard and has experience playing with Kidd.  On the flip side, he’s never been a very good defender, and he’s on the wrong side of 30 (32, in fact), and his contract has big money going into 2010 ($17.5 mil in 2010-2011 and a partially-guaranteed big money year after).  So I’d probably vote “no” on that deal, too.  Any Carter fans out there?  Hello?  Anybody?  Bueller?

  • Brian D

    In a word, no. I do like this better than some of the absurd ideas floating around (like anything involving either O’Neal or Amare).

    No trades for anyone over 30 please.

  • Jared

    Trading for O’Neal has potential because it’s a short term move that doesn’t hurt your long term cap situation.

    So for me, no trades for anyone over 30 with more than two years on their deal.

  • Steven

    I would much rather have Butler. A lot.

  • Alex

    I would like to learn more about the Baron Davis & Chris Kaman for Jason Kidd trade that Ric Bucher mentioned earlier on SportsCenter that got shot down. Is Davis’s contract that large? This sounds like an intriguing trade to me.

  • Rob Mahoney

    Yeah, I think Bucher was using the term “offer” a bit liberally today. I’ve heard the idea of Baron and Kaman for Kidd being thrown around, but the idea that the offer is on the table might be a bit of a stretch.

    It is an intriguing idea, but there are a few concerns:
    -How does Baron Davis respond to a world where he isn’t “the man?” His motivation level is already a bit troubling, and that’s as the best player on the Clippers.
    -Baron is 29 now, and his contract will pay him a total of $65 million until 2013. That’s a lot of cash for a questionably motivated, oft-injured star.
    -Chris Kaman’s deal is pretty sizable too, meaning the Mavs will be salary-locked for the foreseeable future. Flexibility is always a good thing, and being locked salary-wise into an aging core can backfire big time.

  • Charles

    Do we really think that there is a PG out there better for the Mavs out there than Kidd? CP3 and Dwill aside, there’s really no one who can do more for the Mavs. Set the table, 4th quarter D, harasser of big guards, and still the best at pushing the ball after a rebound.

    There’s no question about Baron’s lack of motivation. He has his money, winning has never seemed too important for Baron…why else would he have agreed to sign to the Clippers?

    Bringing in VC sounds like a better u
    I thought Kamen

  • Charles

    I’ve always thought that VC would make a great second banana…

  • Boogie

    If there is one man all MFFL’ers love to hate it is Baron “The Body Guard” Davis.

    I vote no.