Player Valuations: Ryan Hollins

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 18, 2009 under Commentary, xOther | Be the First to Comment

Specs: Center.  7’0”, 215 lbs.

2008-2009 Stats: (as a Maverick)  2.7 PPG,  1.3 RPG, 58.8% FG,  6.4 PER

Why we want him: Depth at center.  Ditching Diop’s huge contract was a must, and getting back Matt Carroll and Hollins was just gravy.  Without Diop filling the need at back-up center, the Mavs are now left with the four-headed hideously ugly monster of Brandon Bass, James Singleton, Dirk, and Hollins.  That is one weird looking creature.  Rick Carlisle is mostly reluctant to give Hollins many real, in-game responsibilities, mostly because his offensive game is limited and he fouls like it’s going out of style.  He also happens to be just three pounds heavier than Matt Carroll, despite the fact that he plays center and he’s half a foot taller.  Hollins is still very much a project, but his athleticism and spring-loaded shot-blocking give the team a unique look.

Why they want him: There was a time where project centers were mythical beasts that could be tamed, and their powers harnessed. Their masters were considered the most powerful lords in all the land.  That day is gone.  There just isn’t much of a market these days for big guys without good ball skills, regardless heavenly hops and skyscraping reach.

Trade value: Very low.  Ryan Hollins hasn’t done enough to catch the eye of other teams.  Plus, because Hollins was just acquired via trade, he won’t be able to be included in a deal that includes other Mavericks.  The Mavs would be able to trade Hollins individually, but a deal involving Hollins in conjunction with any other Maverick would be illegal.  Hollins’ contract this season pays him $972,581, an amount which won’t be fetching superior value anytime soon.

Likelihood of Being Traded Before the Deadline: In honor of Jim Jackson, former Maverick and the most stereotypical NBA journeyman to ever journey, man, each player’s likelihood of being traded will be evaluated using the Jim Jackson Index (JJI; a scale of 0-5):

0.5 Jim Jacksons out of 5.