Player Valuations: James Singleton

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 18, 2009 under Commentary, xOther | Read the First Comment

Specs: Small forward/power forward/center.  6’8”, 216 lbs.

2008-2009 Stats:  3.6 PPG, 2.9  RPG, 52% FG, 14.1 PER

Why we want him: Singleton’s a straight up hustla, yo.  From the second he steps on the floor, he provides instant energy and rebounding, gobbling up a delicious 15% of available rebounds.  Yum.  Singleton will never be confused with an offensive dynamo; his jumper is shaky and most of his points come off of dunks, layups or tip-ins.  Maybe it’s not a coincidence that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Erick Dampier on the court, because the two occupy the same functional space with the Mavs: hit the boards on both ends, go up strong when you get the ball, and play tough defense.  Singleton is one strong dude, and that combined with his “ball of energy” mentality makes him a world of hurt for opponents in short bursts.

Why they want him: They don’t.  Singleton spent his first two years in the league as a role player for the Clippers, before falling out of the NBA entirely last season.  Has he done enough this year to change some minds?  Maybe.  But it’s an easy role to fill and Singleton lacks the kind of go-to offensive move (be it in the post or on the wing) that would make him a real asset.

Trade value: Very low.  His value to the Mavs is much higher than his value to most other teams in the league.  The Mavs need aggressive, strong backups they can plug into either forward spot, and the lack of depth up front turns Singleton from an expendable benchwarmer to a multi-positional monster.  On top of that, Singleton’s contract is so reasonable that he probably wouldn’t even make a good salary throw-in.

Likelihood of Being Traded Before the Deadline: In honor of Jim Jackson, former Maverick and the most stereotypical NBA journeyman to ever journey, man, each player’s likelihood of being traded will be evaluated using the Jim Jackson Index (JJI; a scale of 0-5):

1 Jim Jackson out of 5.

  • Jared

    I have to admit…I love Singleton. Not love in the way that I think he deserves more playing time. But he’s just a guy I love having on the team. He seems pretty intelligent. He spent time in Europe so he’s happier than most guys to ride the bench on an NBA team. And every time he’s called upon, he delivers in some way.

    I love Singleton and I hope he’s around the team for a few more seasons.