Player Valuations: Antoine Wright

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 18, 2009 under Commentary, xOther | Read the First Comment

Specs: Shooting guard.  6’7”, 215 lbs.

2008-2009 Stats: 6.4 PPG, 1.9 RPG, 41.1% FG, 28.8% 3FG, 8.6 PER

Why we want him: Because it could be worse.  Antoine Wright in (at least) the bottom third of the starting shooting guards in the league, but the Mavs don’t have many other options.  Jason Terry’s best work has come off the bench, and that role is the most effective for the team as a whole.  Beyond JET, what other choices do the Mavs have?  They could start Devean George, who in essence is an older Antoine Wright.  They could start Gerald Green, but as much as I love him, I could never say that he would be good as a full-time starter.  He’s just not ready.  They could start J.J. Barea, but he presents some challenges defensively and is best served as a backup.  Or they could start Matt Carroll, who hasn’t shown that he’s the defender that Wright is or that he can hit his shot consistently (to his credit, he has been coming on of late…kind of.)

Why they want him: Again…they probably don’t.  Herein lies the problem with the Mavs trade chances: they only have about of handful of actually desirable assets.  Contrast that with the Blazers, whose goblet overfloweth with young talent, or the Thunder, who boast such a collection of expiring contracts, cap space, and draft picks that Presti’s closet door won’t close.  Antoine Wright is exactly what the Mavs have in surplus: unspectacular, slightly below average contributors that are either past their prime or have limited upside.

Trade value: Very low.  Like Hollins and Singleton, Wright’s value to the Mavericks trumps his trade value.  Yes he’s a sub-par shooting guard, but for the time being he’s our sub-par shooting guard.

Likelihood of Being Traded Before the Deadline: In honor of Jim Jackson, former Maverick and the most stereotypical NBA journeyman to ever journey, man, each player’s likelihood of being traded will be evaluated using the Jim Jackson Index (JJI; a scale of 0-5):

1 Jim Jackson out of 5.