Heard It Through the Grapevine 2-26-09

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  • Five Magazine continues their extended interview with Dirk, this time focusing on the German national team.
  • If it makes you feel any better, Tony Parker and the Spurettes have another victim: the Portland Trailblazers.  Parker had 39 points (on 63% shooting), 9 assists, and 5 rebounds.  One hell of a wounded tiger.
  • Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News addresses Shawne Williams peculiar disappearance from the Mavericks’ bench: “Williams has been in Memphis for the last month or so, ostensibly to let a foot problem heal. But owner Mark Cuban said Wednesday: ‘We’re helping him work through some issues.’ According to the Mavericks’ players’ log, the 6-9 forward has not been with the team for ‘personal reasons’ since Jan. 23. But he’s also battled the same foot problem Jerry Stackhouse had for more than three months.”  Carlisle notes that these aren’t the same kind of “personal issues” that have made Williams an off-the-court bother in the past.
  • I’m glad to see the Mavs get some love from The X’s and O’s of Basketball, one of my favorite basketball blogs on the internet.  Watch the clips and see how the Mavs dealt with Milwaukee’s double teams, then contrast them with what we saw against San Antonio.  The fact that the Mavs are doing the right things against the double is important, but seeing improvement after they ‘learned their lesson’ the night before is even moreso.
  • The Mavs TV ratings are down a whopping 25% for the season, and they rank 16th in the NBA in that regard.  It’s funny how a closing window and a public sense of dismay (despite a perfectly respectable record) affect the economic side of things.  (via DMN Mavs Blog)
  • The Mavs outscored the Bucks 46-28 in the paint last night.  Huzzah!  Doesn’t it feel good to be on the winning side of that stat for once?
  • The Mavericks apparently have a go-to squad when the going gets tough.  Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: Based on Wednesday’s evidence, maybe they do. When they started out lifelessly against Milwaukee, coach Rick Carlisle went to this foursome: Josh Howard, James Singleton, Jason Kidd and Antoine Wright. When Dirk Nowitzki was struggling, Brandon Bass joined them. It was a group that triggered a 16-0 run to put the Mavericks ahead, 23-15, and set the tone for the rest of the night. They brought energy, of course. But they also seemed to match the Bucks’ physicality. ‘That’s what Coach calls us, the nasty-defense guys,’ Singleton said. ‘When we come in, we have to play a little faster and be a little more physical.’”
  • Another game, another struggle for Dirk.  His troubles carried over to the defensive side of the ball in the first quarter, as Charlie Villaneuva got hot, hot, hot with his jumper.  Some of Charlie V’s attempts were definitely heat checks, but that didn’t stop him from racking up 18 points in the first quarter.  Alex Boeder of BrewHoop continues to shell out the praise for Villaneuva’s explosion: “New Nowitzki? At first sight, a 31 year-old German with blonde locks might not make you immediately declare ‘Charlie Villanueva!’ But a closer basketball-look reveals similarity. Power forwards, both of them, and height and weight are close. Their offensive arsenals, distinguished by a most deadly outside shot, bear a certain resemblance. They also share an underrated ability to rebound and are labeled as soft defenders. Lots of differences, make no mistake. And early on, there was a big difference between the two power forwards, as CV poured in a quick 18 points before the former MVP etched his first point on the score card.”  It’s hard to argue against the fact that Villanueva out-shot Dirk on this particular night, but those are some big shoes to fill.
  • John Hollinger takes his sword, and playfully prods one of the gaping holes in the Mavs’ armor: “That continues a trend that’s been apparent since Terry went out. Since losing him early in the Chicago game, Dallas has played five games against quick point guards and two games against a team with no point guard (Sacramento); in the two Sacramento games he had the same huge plus-minus he’s had all season, but in the others it wasn’t pretty: Kidd was a minus-nine in an OT win over Chicago (facing off against Derrick Rose), minus-nine in a home loss to Boston (Rajon Rondo), plus-21 in a 15-point win over New Jersey (Devin Harris), minus-11 in a loss to Houston (Aaron Brooks), and minus-19 against Parker last night. That’s minus-27 in five games in which the Mavs as a whole were minus-15. While this hardly constitutes damning evidence — game-to-game plus-minus data is extremely variable and thus requires large samples to reach scientifically valid conclusions — I believe in this case the numbers on Kidd underscore a larger point.”
  • Charles

    Yeah, don’t know how to feel about Portland being smacked by TP.

    Scares me knowing that a seventh seed means a first round meeting with Tony “speedy motherf*&ker” Parker.

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    From Dirk Nowitzki, when asked why Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva stopped hitting buckets after the first quarter: “They took Nowitzki off him.”