Heard It Through the Grapevine 2-25-09

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  • Please.  Please.  Please.  Put Gerald Green in the 2010 dunk contest.
  • Graydon Gordian of 48 Minutes of Hell has some love for Michael Finley after last night’s game, and he better, after that flashback of a performance: “No discussion of this evening’s game would be complete without a brief mention of Michael Finley, who nailed three straight 3-pointers in the 4th to put the game solidly out of reach. Finley may not be the scorer he once was, but he plays with an air of grizzled malice that I continue to appreciate. He remains a fearless contributor, and although his fearlessness is just as likely to produce misguided fadeaways as it is dagger 3s, I do love the stern sense of pride he emits when his shot is dropping (I’m going to ignore the fact that, if you take away Finley’s 4 3-pointers on 4 attempts, the Spurs were 2 of 16 from beyond the arc).”
  • How exactly does a cast of Kurt Thomas, Matt Bonner, and Fabricio Oberto manage to handcuff one of the premier offensive talents in the league?  Mike Fisher breaks it down: “I believe during the telecast Mark and Bob mentioned something about Dirk being ‘in a war,’ a compliment to SA’s rugged defense. And after the game, Dirk noted all the double-teams he faced. I’m sure they’re right, but I’ll tell you what I saw: A journeyman in Kurt Thomas squaring up with Dirk and surviving it. A complete stiff like Bonner (hehe, I said “stiff’’ and “bonner’’) playing ball denial and Nowitzki and the Mavs finding no solution for it. Fabio getting in his face, one-on-one, and Dirk not being able to spring free.”
  • Thank you, David Moore, for allowing us all a sigh of relief.  From the Dallas Morning News: “But when New York reached a buyout agreement with its petulant star Tuesday, the Mavericks never discussed adding him to the roster. The decision had nothing to do with reports that Marbury is destined to land in Boston. It had everything to do with the improved play of J.J. Barea. ‘We looked at it early in the season,’ owner Mark Cuban said of pursuing Marbury if he were released. ‘But J.J. is playing a whole lot better.’”  With Barea’s play of late, he deserves it.  He does tend to force the action on occasion, but his helter skelter, penetration-heavy style is a nice contrast to the passivity the rest of the team comes to embody from time to time.
  • Rick Carlisle shares our displeasure with last night’s efforts.  Via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News: About 42 minutes of a [butt]-kicking…We threw about six, tough minutes at them in the second quarter. The rest of the time, they dominated the game with their disposition and how they played.’
  • Mark Cuban refuses to let sleeping dogs lie, and decided to rip into SanAn’s premier attraction once again: “‘Now that they’re cleaning it up, my next project is to tell them they need to put up those little aluminum things to keep people from falling in,’ Cuban said before his team played the Spurs. ‘Maybe I’ll start a website, Ifellintheriverwalk.com to find out how many people have fallen in and what has happened to them. I just want to know. Send me your pictures to Ifellintheriverwalk.com.”  For what it’s worth, he’s right.  And for what it’s worth, the Mavs made sure that the Riverwalk wasn’t the only thing in San Antonio that was “ugly-ass” last night.

Dirk did an interview with Five Magazine.  Here are some highlights from Part 1:

  • On why he works so hard to improve his game every summer: “…That’s what makes it a challenge, playing away from your weaknesses or attacking those of your opponents. That’s what makes a team sport attractive. Finding a way to win despite your own weaknesses is important. But, sure it’s bitter sometimes when a teammate doesn’t invest the necessary time. The best example was Shawn Bradley. He would some times come to training camp and not had a ball in his hands for four months. But what can you do? There is no rule. Everyone needs to figure out for themselves how to stay fit.” (Emphasis mine.)
  • On the possibility of missing the post-season: “Not even reaching the playoffs? I am too old for that now. And Mark Cuban and General Manager Donnie Nelson know that. I cannot imagine us making any moves which would cost us a spot in the playoffs. We still have a playoff-caliber team. And even if things absolutely do not work out with Kidd, I cannot imagine that we would drastically make the team younger as long as I’m in Dallas.”
  • On the notion that he may never win a title: “I saw an interesting interview with Charles Barkely. He was talking about his career and said he can’t blame himself because he always gave 100 percent. That’s how I see it. I have given my all for the last 10 years in Dallas. And if that’s not enough, I can’t do anything else. Then at 35, 36 – however long I can go – I can retire and say: “In the summer and winter I gave everything I had for my team.” Unfortunately not everybody can win. But I hope that I can still fulfill my dream in the future.”
  • On his basketball future: “Of course it would be more exciting to do it in Dallas and being the franchise player. The best thing would be me carrying the team to the title. But the other teams have gotten so strong, also through some unfair trades – Pau Gasol to Los Angeles and Kevin Garnett to Boston. Maybe I will see if it helps changing teams in like three years. Maybe it won’t be fun any more or I can’t keep up with the athleticism anymore. Maybe I will play in Europe again. I can imagine all of that. What Karl Malone did back then – heading to L.A. after all those years in Utah – yeah it was a little questionable. But when you want the championship so bad, then you can’t rule out a move like that.”
  • http://- 1st

    The Mavs are what their record says they are.
    I think Dirk is the first to call the trades “unfair”.
    sure, Pop called for a trade comittee, but he wasn’t that blunt…
    Someone has to make a list of each team with the hardest working/preparing guy from top to bottom on the roster…and then one for the whole nba..who works harder…kobe, lebron, battier, dirk? :>
    Barring a huge steal/trade 09/10, Dirk has to go if the mavs want to improve. Else decline, decline, decline…
    Wonder if he will be asked about his weaknesses in one of the next parts.
    Dude’s too honest and i’d like to know how he sees his D.

  • wacc_attack

    i dont buy the “we can’t win with dirk” argument. we should have won 2 years ago, with dirk. and yes, i know we didnt. but anyone watching the reffing in game 5 saying it was a fairly reffed game must be high as a kite or a heat fan. that was a momentum swinger…losing 3 in a row on a heartbreaker vs. going home up 3-2 for 2 games…a bit of a difference. we can win with dirk, we were the best team in the league for 2 years with dirk. why cant we do it again? bc he’s 30? please.

    now, that is different that saying we can win with ONLY dirk. that i am not sure of, after again witnessing his struggles when he is 2x and 3x teamed all game long. but that goes for all great players in the league, maybe except for MJ. look at what KG did in sota, wade is doing in miami, lebron did before they gave him Mo, Kobe did after Shaq left, Pierce did in Boston before he got the KG/Allen bailout package. could they win on their own? clearly not. not even bron bron could. are they the most elite and special players in the league, and some of them in history? of course. there is too much parity now for one guy to be able to do it all. dirk needs real offensive assistance, and that takes nothing away from his sick talent.