Heard It Through the Grapevine 2-20-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 20, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • The trade deadline came and went without any intrigue in Mavericks Land.  Considering the options available, I’m not all that disappointed.  It’s fun to ponder what’s going to become of your team’s newest trade acquisition, but I’ve got my own reasons for being optimistic.
  • Mentioned in my earlier post, but in case you didn’t see it: Amar’e Stoudemire will miss a minimum of eight weeks after he had successful eye surgery this morning.  Here’s to wishing for a speedy, successful recover for Amar’e; eye injuries are almost unspeakable in my mind.  I’m cringing just thinking about it.
  • On top of that, Manu Ginobili will miss 2-3 weeks with a bum ankle.
  • Who are the biggest ‘black holes’ in the NBA?  One statistical analysis includes Gerald Green and Josh Howard among the most infamous vacuums. (H/T Matt Moore)
  • There’s nothing wrong with building up your long-term plans with a little short-term optimism, right?  Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News briefly outlines the Maverick mindset: “The long-term goals are clear. The Mavericks are determined to save every penny they can on the 2009-10 payroll so that they can make a run at one or more of the free agents that summer. In the meantime, the Mavericks have won seven of nine and are positioned well to make a run at the No. 4 playoff seed in the final two months.”
  • It looks like we’ll be seeing Jerry Stackhouse sooner rather than later.  Stack will make the road trip, and might even get some burn tonight.
  • DallasBasketball.com’s David Lord is a bit disenchanted with the usual lip service: “After the deadline passed, Donnie Nelson gave out the typical non-move mantra: “‘We like our boys in blue, and we’re going to war with ‘em.’ My reaction? As a fan hoping for packages to unwrap on Christmas morn, kinda threw up in my mouth when I heard it. For a fan, it’s trite. Predictable. Unsatisfying. While we understand their need to pat the existing roster on the head here and there and claim ‘Golly gee oh wow they are our favorite players in the whole wide world!’ … I wouldn’t mind a more frank exchange between management and fans in which we all admit, ‘We know this team isn’t as good as we want it to be, we hope you know it, too, and we all are in this together to make it better.’”
  • Just in case you need a reminder, Dirk is really good at basketball.  There’s some generalizing in there and a bit of overstatement (I wouldn’t be so sure Dirk is a top 5 player), but it’s nice to have a reminder of just how spoiled we are by Nowitzki.
  • Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Typically that should tell you to bring your appropriate grain of salt, but Galloway, barring some usual light provocation, is more tolerable than usual.): “Doing nothing at the trading deadline, I guess, could be called another stubborn, defiant and stupid decision by owner Mark Cuban in an attempt to justify his failed meddling. Normally, I would gleefully support all three theories — stubborn, defiant and basketball stupid — when it comes to Cuban. But … nada. Not this time. I even agree with Cuban. Which scares me.”