Heard It Through the Grapevine 2-18-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 18, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • You know you’re for real when you’re sweating spirits.  Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News: “‘We definitely had a good sweat,’ Dirk Nowitzki said, ‘and some of the guys obviously had to sweat some of the booze out from over the break.” And with that, the Mavericks declared themselves purged of any toxins from the pre-All-Star portion of the season, or any they may have picked up over the weekend.’
  • David Lord’s last resort trade scenario?  Antoine Wright and Jerry Stackhouse for Mikki Moore and John Salmons.  I don’t love Mikki Moore’s game, but he’s a decent back-up center and a good guy.  Not that that’s exactly an applicable skill.  Still, a pretty good trade for both sides.
  • The Mavs play the Nets tonight.  Devin Harris plays for the Nets.  The trade deadline is tomorrow.  Prepare to be bombarded with considerations, “looks back,” and nostalgia.  Jan Hubbard of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram offers a decidedly nonconfrontational perspective on Kidd-Harris a year later: “The humorous part of the argument is that a year later, both sides were right. Avery Johnson, Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban were right and so were Rod Thorn and Lawrence Frank. The Jason Kidd-Devin Harris trade has worked out fine for the Mavericks and the Nets. Kidd has been the engine of a team that has gone 29-14 since a difficult 2-7 start under a new coaching staff with a new system. With total freedom that he had never experienced as a professional, Harris has thrived in New Jersey, although he has tailed off a little from his torrid start.”  I’m sure plenty of people would disagree.  Of course if the Mavs’ play of late lasts into the playoffs, everyone might be singing a different tune.
  • David Moore of The Dallas Morning News continues on that note, offering a black-and-white evaluation: “The eve of this one-year anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on how the deal went down and assess its impact. Thanks to the NBA, by the way, for inviting Devin Harris and the New Jersey Nets to American Airlines Center to commemorate the event. Debate the merits of the exchange all you want and marvel over Harris’ ascension. It’s fun. But remember, the Mavericks acquired Kidd for one reason and one reason only: to return to the Finals. If the team fails to do so while he wears a Mavericks uniform, the trade was a bad one.”
  • Big news of last night: Tracy McGrady will miss the rest of the season and plans to undergo the game-altering microfracture knee surgery.  Depending on how you view the Rockets, this is either a good thing (T-Mac is a ball-stopper, takes too many contested jumpers, etc.) or a bad thing (he’s a team leader and a former All-Star).  Regardless, injured McGrady wasn’t doing them any good.  I’m somewhere in between the two camps, but I do think that the Hornets losing Tyson Chandler trumps this.  Houston still starts Shane Battier and Ron Artest on the wings, and that’s nothing to scoff at.
  • Rick Carlisle, via Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com: “‘I am not anticipating a big trade,’ the coach said after the afternoon session. ‘I expect (the post-deadline roster) to look a lot like it does now.’”  BO-RING.