Heard It Through the Grapevine 2-12-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 12, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • Baron Davis and Chris Kaman to the Mavs for Jason Kidd is the hot trade rumor of the moment, and while I understand the intrigue on a very basic level, I have a hard time believing it would be anything but a trade for trade’s sake or one of those ‘trying to get with that girl you never beat in a seven game series’ things.  Dwyane Wade is one thing, but some people should be careful what they wish for if they’re lusting for Baron in a Maverick uni.  It doesn’t make sense on the court, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth off it.  Tim MacMahon tackles the more practical side of the trade on the DMN Mavs Blog: “It’d be worth sacrificing financial flexibility to make a trade that would transform the Mavs into a serious contender. But it’s unlikely that adding Davis and Kaman and subtracting Kidd would make the Mavs better at all. You can’t count on Kaman making a contribution this season. He’s only played 15 games for the Clippers because of a foot injury. When a 7-footer has a serious foot injury, that’s a banner-sized red flag. (The Mavs might think for a second before saying no if Marcus Camby was part of the proposal instead of Kaman. Camby has a contract that is up at the end of next season and averaging 11.6 ppg, 12.7 rpg and 2.37 bpg. They still wouldn’t pull the trigger, but they wouldn’t snicker after hanging up the phone.)”
  • Some good stuff from Mavs Moneyball’s Wes Cox and other voices from around the Southwest Division on this roundtable from the New Orleans Hornets official website.
  • DallasBasketball.com’s Mike Fisher has a nice Q&A with Mark Cuban.  Cuban’s evaluation on the Mavs: “‘Right now our biggest problem as a team, outside of injuries, is when we miss a shot, we pout. We don’t stay focused. That’s part of the reason Rick (Carlisle, Mavs coach) turned the (play-calling) reins over to J-Kidd. We have to stay focused.’”  Cuban also discusses the possibility of 2010 and the new Collective Bargaining Agreement creating a ‘nuclear winter,’ how he would still trade Harris for Kidd ’100 times out of 100,’ and more.
  • Jerry Stackhouse won’t be available until after the All-Star break.  Available to play, I mean.
  • Something interesting: in the Mavs model of the Celtics “big three”, Kidd isn’t one of the three.  He’s apparently more of a Rajon Rondo.  From Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News: “”Our biggest challenge has been health,’ Carlisle says. ‘Josh’s situation early in the year derailed us from getting in a great rhythm offensively in late November and December. And we’ve had to adjust again [with Terry's injured left hand]…But coming in, we projected that those three guys would play exceptionally well and Kidd would be our key facilitator. This is the way we’d like it to keep going when everybody gets healthy.’”
  • Matt Carroll’s favorite movie is Rocky IV.  When people say that, I can never tell if they’re accounting for the unintentional comedy or just overlooking it.
  • Eddie Sefko is ready to nix all the trade talk and fight onward, Maverick soldiers.  From the Dallas Morning News: Which brings us to our next proclamation: “The Mavericks absolutely should not make any major trade before next week’s deadline. Why? Because they finally have some semblance of a groove and, after their splashy trade of a year ago, it’s taken this long for players to find a comfort zone with each other. Make another big deal, and that process starts all over again and you probably waste another year.”