Heard It Through the All-Star Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 16, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • All-Star Weekend?  Powerful weak.  Sunday’s game had a few nice moments, but it didn’t do enough to make up for the fact that Saturday was disappointment after disappointment.  Bah humbug.
  • One draft analysis that doesn’t reflect well on the Mavs’ draft ‘success.’
  • Last year’s Lakers were a solid team even before the Gasol trade.  Just how solid, you ask?  Try Mavericks solid.  From Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com: “The Mavs owner’s references were so specific, it caused me to reflect back: What was the Lakers’ situation a year ago? They were 28-16, a dozen games over .500. Not world-beaters, but good. Andrew Byrum had just gone down. There was talk of ‘Kobe’s window,’ of Bryant wanting the Lakers to do something dramatic “or else’’ … well, ‘or else’ there’d be another offseason of ‘or else.’ Which all sounds rather familiar to fans of the February 2009 Mavs. Then what happened? They took advantage of a budget-minded loser, the Grizzlies, and they acquired Gasol. Then what happened? They won the West and made it to the NBA Finals.”  Don’t get too excited, Mavs fans.  The win-loss records are comparable, but the point differential is not.  Not even close.
  • Kevin Arnovitz followed up on the roundtable’s ideas for All-Star reform.  Also – Kevin asked a smorgasbord of player types about their ‘nightmare defender.’  Who does Dirk Nowitzki hate to see matching up against him?  “There are a lot of good defenders in this league, but Shawn Marion.  He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s long enough to put real pressure on you.”
  • Dirk Nowitzki: force of nature (Not exactly an earthquake.  Maybe a lunar cycle?) and climbing the ranks of the elite power forwards.
  • The Mavs’ inconsistency has made us all cry.  That said, they’re within striking distance in a very competitive conference, and seem closer than ever to finally getting things together.  Let’s hope it’s not another mirage.  From Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News: “Plus, knowing the Western Conference standings are so jumbled means the Mavericks are one decent winning streak from being in the driver’s seat for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. ‘I think if you look at the West, it’s wide-open,’ Nowitzki said. ‘Obviously, the Lakers look really good. Even with [Andrew] Bynum out, they’re going to be the favorites…But other than that, every team can beat everybody. That’s how tight it is. If we can just get Jet [Terry] back after the break sometime, and if our defense is solid, I think we can give everybody trouble.’”
  • Tim Cowlishaw still likes the Harris deal, doesn’t think the Mavs are in a bad place but thinks they should panic and trade for Shaq, doesn’t think said trade would be impactful enough to help them challenge the Lakers, and also recommends that the team trade for another player like Mike Miller or Stephen Jackson.  Yeah.
  • The Old People have made a 2009 installment of their All-Star raps in the spirit of this 1989 classic (found via FreeDarko).  It’s wicked cyber awesome.  For a taste, here’s Dirk: “Who’s the power forward who makes your heart go thump?/Who is it that said White men cant jump?/They were wrong, and Dirk is living proof/The man is a magician, watch him disappear, Poof!/Leaving nothing but a cloud of dust, and the ball in his clutches/Feet so fast MC Hammer can’t touch this/Basket after basket after basket after basket after basket/Dirk’s game is drastic/Father of the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation/Fighting poverty in third world nations/Like an All-Star.”
  • Andytobo

    Cowlishaw don’t make no sense. Particularly this part:

    “The fact that they almost certainly still would not have enough to beat the Lakers in the playoffs is irrelevant.

    You can’t base every decision solely on whether or not it gets you a title. Not in the NBA. You have to just try to improve. ”

    Don’t you base your decisions on whether or not it gets you a title? Because it sounds to me like what he’s saying is “let’s get really competitive in the short term and really awful shortly thereafter.”

    Sounds delicious.

  • Andytobo

    Oh, and “but not competitive to win the whole thing anyway.”

    That is some strategic thinking.