Do These Guys Know Each Other?

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 13, 2009 under xOther | 10 Comments to Read

Photo by Juan O’Campo/NBAE via Getty Images.

  • http://- 1st

    yes, but are they friends? :>

  • Brian D

    This made me die a little inside.

  • Kevin

    It doesn’t get better with time, just worse and worse.

  • Charles

    O Please, guys. He’s averaging 20 points on a bad team. He would’ve never averaged those numbers on the Mavs. Not even with the coaching change.

  • wacc_attack

    come on charles, you know deep down inside you dont like that trade. yes, for the time being we do have a better distributor of the ball. a phenomenal passer and a very talented defensive presence. but he is 35. he presents right about no scoring threat. yes he gets hot every once in a while and sinks a quality 3 (a la the bulls game), but wont carry the load when dirk goes ice cold that once in a blue moon (see the celtics game, which i am still attempting to figure out how we lost). i just cant stop thinking that if we had a harriss running around in that 4th quarter, we would not have lost. as cliche and worn out as the term is by now, we completely mortgaged our future. not only are we out a PG potentially at the end of the season, we lost draft picks, cash, cap space for this season…wasted a mid-level exception, etc. all that would be worth it, to some, if we were a drastically better team with kidd. but were not, not even close. i still think we were a bigger threat with harriss running the show, or sharing time running it, then we are now. but, water under the bridge. we have to hope for some creative salary management in this and next offseasons, and hopefully we can grab a quality FA or two.

  • Charles

    I’m just saying that Devin wouldn’t be putting up those numbers with the Mavs. This is Dirk’s team, and what Jason is doing is what the Mavs need: Getting the ball to dirk, guarding the opposing two, playing Defense.
    Harris wasn’t taking the Mavs anywhere and there was no way he was going to be the guy with Dirk around.

    Our future isn’t all that bad once Jason Kidd’s contract expire after this season, if he re-signs for less or leaves that just gives us alot of options.

    It was a crappy trade, not because Jason is bad for the Mavs and not because Harris would’ve done a better job. They shouldn’t have let Thorn rob them like that with the draft picks.

    Right now we’re no threat to get out of the second round even with JT back. That’s just reality, but it’s not the Harris-Kidd trade that’s holding us back. I can’t really imagine any other PG besides CP3 or Deron who can do more for the Mavs.

    Hell, it’s all BS. Just trade JHo and Stack already. Even for Vince. We all know that a rejuvenated Dirk can take us anywhere he wants.

  • wacc_attack

    This is Dirk’s team, no question’s there. To be honest, if we ever win the whole thing and its not with Dirk, I wont enjoy it nearly as much. This is his franchise, and he deserves it like few else.

    That being said, he cannot do it by himself. Look at what happened to Kobe when Shaq left. LA tumbled to the cellar of the west. Look at KG’s career in Minnesota, Pierce in Boston. Examples go on and on. We need another big scorer, someone who can consistently carry his share. Back when we won 67 games, we had J-Ho having a career season. We had Stack still being a contributor. Of course, we had Jet, Damp, Harris.

    My only argument with respect to Harris is that he is a far better scorer than Kidd. Yes, we would have an inferior PG in the true PG meaning of the term, but we would have another potent scoring threat. Right now we dont have that…

  • Charles

    I agree that we need another scorer, no question. No reason why we lose to Boston when Dirk scores 37.

    I agree with you on Harris being the better scorer. I don’t think, however, that we would be in a different place right now with him instead of Kidd.
    Our offensive troubles right now doesn’t really stem from JKidd. I think we have a pretty nice PG rotation now that JJ Barea has grown a pair and emerged into a decent backup.
    It’s the loss of JET, it’s Stack disappearance, it’s JHo’s mediocrity.
    I can’t even bring myself to blame Dampier. He’s been playing some great defense, even when DHoward scored 35 on us, it was a fluke-ish 35 where Damp was forcing him to make all kinds of long hooks.

    I know trading JHo + Stack for Vince will kill our flexibility…but I can’t stand watching Dirk doing everything by himself anymore. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vince come and have us make a small run this year, even if we’ll be a long long shot for the finals.

  • wacc_attack

    i really wish the felton trade would have worked out, that would have strengthened our back court quite a bit. another guy I’ve been taking a closer look at is Troy Murphy from Indiana. a double double PF/C most every night,can shoot the three extremely well. he and granger have a good thing going up there; the few wins the pacers do have are against quality squads. of course i would absolutely love to get an okafor or a david lee, but those dudes are pretty much untouchable it seems. maybe lee, but that would require us to undergo another round of total ownage on the trade front.

  • Kevin

    Harris did 14 points and 5 assists in 30 minutes a game with Dallas last year. He also played much better D than Kidd and is 10 years younger and on a very reasonable contract. Dallas has 3 guys on the team they can count on to score…3! And one of them has a broken hand. Bad trade.