Dallas Mavericks 115, Chicago Bulls 114

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 8, 2009 under Recaps | 8 Comments to Read

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“That one was bittersweet, for sure.”
-Roy Oswalt

My recaps are slowly becoming a series of arguments against living in Austin if you’re a Mavs fan.  Not only have my NBA League Pass Broadband issues not been resolved, but Fox Sports Southwest, despite the fact that they were supposed to be showing the Mavs last night, decided to instead air some re-run of a “Best Damn Sports Show” countdown.  Lovely.

So, no, I didn’t get to see J.J. step up big time yet again.  And no, I didn’t get to see Dirk take the game over.  Well, I kind of saw them through various highlight packages, but we all know that’s not the same.

So, I summon you again, readers, for “THE PEOPLE’S RECAP.”  Give me the scoop on what went down against the Bulls.  Again, I know all of the obvious stuff (no Terry, Howard foul trouble, Dirk’s early struggles, etc.), but I want to know the details: who blew it on defense, who was hitting the glass especially hard, who was settling on offense, etc.

  • Brian D

    Living in Austin > Living in Baton Rouge. In so many ways. But especially with following the Mavs. I only get to catch the national TV games + the games that are going on when I visit Dallas during breaks from school. I really need to invest in the league pass.

    So yes, please, someone give me a good recap of what transpired here.

    Also, I have yet to find anything online letting me know just how long we’re going to be without the Jet’s services. That’d be good to know too.

  • David

    I am not sure how long Terry will be out but he will sure be missed. As far as the game, what a great game it was. Yes the Bulls are under .500 but it was still a good win IMO. Things I noticed: Barea did step up big time. Near the end of the game though he had a couple of bad possessions, granted he had the presence of mind to kick the ball out to Kidd for the tying 3. Dirk showed why we can still win with him. He can still make clutch shots. Howard at least showed up in the 4th qtr and overtime. We will need him to step up in Terry’s presence as well.

  • Charles

    The game showed why we need to get rid of Howard. The man is an inefficient scorer and with his talents he shouldn’t disappear for quarters at a time. We’re at the halfway point folks, and he’s been disappointing us for awhile now.

    Barea has balls! That 30ft three pointer? Damn, boy!

  • http://nightcrawler989.newsvine.com Bosley del Magikarp

    AW MAN. I totally know what you mean. I live in Austin too. And usually FSN only plays Spurs games (with occasional Rockets or Mavs games). And they TOTALLY said they were gonna show Bulls-Mavs. I flip it on and I’m treated to another goddamned re-run of Best Damn Sports Show. UGH.
    So angry.

    I caught a blurry, lagging copy of it on http://www.atdhe.net

    Barea was FANTASTIC in the third. OK in the fourth and not really a factor in overtime. He hit a VERY long three near the end of the third and then stole the inbounds and got another three off (rimmed out). Great play. Yet no one mentioned it anywhere afterwards. Kinda pissed me off. At least Charles remembered it. If he had hit both threes it would’ve easily been the highlight of his career. Reggie Miller-esque. Haha.

  • http://nightcrawler989.newsvine.com Bosley del Magikarp

    This is gonna sound kinda-sorta weird but your name looked familiar, so I looked you up on Facebook.

    I think we might have had a class together. But I don’t know which one. But your face definitely looked familiar. Small, small world. Also, a Mavs fan who’s got a taste for Dylan, Miles Davis, and Scorsese? Here I thought I was hopelessly alone in this cruel, cruel world.

    *Histrionic Fit!*

  • Cynthia

    JJ was totally awesome in the game! The little man has NO FEAR. Taking it to the rim, hitting a 30 foot trey, and getting 6 assists to boot! I think people forget that JJ is not a rookie. I’ve been watching him for several years on the Puerto Rican National team. The guy has skills. And despite his size, he’s a pretty scrappy defender too. I was pretty much ostrasized (sp?) when I said on the DMN blog way back at the first of the season that he had Nash like moves. Now I see that I’m not the only one saying that (see dallasbasketball.com). Nice to know others see it too now. JJ, Kidd and Dirk (of course) all had OUTSTANDING games. And personally I wouldn’t discount the contributions Josh had in the game either. Despite limited minutes due to foul trouble he still had 13 points and a really clutch shot at the end of the game which if he had not hit…this game might have had a different outcome.

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  • Chaz

    Great ending to the game. I was disappointed with how passive Howard was during most of the second half. I think he’s the make-or-break piece during the time JET will be out. The Mavs have been really fortunate with the woes Utah and Phoenix have gone through to be pretty secure in getting into the playoffs. That said, if Josh doesn’t find his old self, and maybe after the trade deadline he’ll feel more comfortable, then the Mavs will be looking at another early exit, even if everyone else is at full strength.