Heard It Through the Grapevine 1-20-09

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 20, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • As a basketball fan, I can’t tell you whether or not the whole “shoot yourself out of a slump” phenomenon is an amusing spin on conventional basketball thinking that’s ironically embedded so deeply within the game or just a tidbit of commentary that frightens me beyond measure.  Either way, after yesterday’s game-winner, I’m glad that Dirk and Coach Carlisle buy into it.  From Eddie Sefko’s game recap in The Dallas Morning News:

    “I’m a shooter,” Nowitzki said. “No matter what my percentage is, I’m going to keep shooting. I just stuck with it. The team always tells me, if I miss 10 in a row … shoot the 11th.

    “I’m just happy that last shot went in, but we feel like it shouldn’t have come down to that last shot.”

  • The classic criticism of the Mavs is that they’re a ‘regular season team.’  I guess there’s no wiggle room, because there isn’t much hardware of the Larry O’Brien variety in the trophy case.  But before we give the final verdict on Dallas’ prospects for this season and their future shelf-life, take notes from Prof. Carlisle and stay level-headed, mmkay?  From Jan Hubbard of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

    After the game, Carlisle took a jab at some of the armchair critics who have spent most of the first half of the season passing final judgment on his team without having a basic understanding of the peaks and valleys of an 82-game season. “A lot of people want to write us off, ” Carlisle said, “but we’ve got a bunch of guys who are sticking together. We’ll move on and get ready to play the next one.”

  • It’s great to know that even in those end of game situations where the other team knows where the ball is going, they’re still powerless to stop a seven-footer with lanky arms and an unorthodox jumpshot.  I love this game.  From Kate Fagan of The Philadelphia Enquirer:

    “He really made a terrific shot,” Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said of Nowitzki. “Reggie was right there.”

    “You can’t ask for too much more than that,” said Evans of the shot he forced from Nowitzki. “He did what superstars do.”

    “He’s been doing that his whole career,” said Miller, who finished with 12 points.

    “Andre Miller said in the huddle they were going to isolate Dirk,” said Iguodala, who finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds. “Once he spun and Reggie came back, I knew it was a good shot. I’ve seen the move a lot of times. He didn’t show it all night, but he pulled it out when he needed to.”

  • I definitely wasn’t the only one who was enamored with Ryan Hollins’ Maverick debut, and Eddie Sefko doesn’t shy away from the subject.  From The Dallas Morning News:

    No offense to DeSagana Diop, who worked hard. But Hollins made more impact plays in his first 19 minutes, 21 seconds as a Maverick than Diop did in the first 39 games of the season. Carroll may end up being the key to the Diop trade. But in the first game, the Mavericks got lively play out of Hollins.

  • http://www.drudgereport.com Jordan S.

    I wouldn’t say they are a “regular season team” except for the time they lost to Golden State (couldn’t bear to even think about basketball for a good 6 months after that one). You might could say that about them last year, but I wouldn’t, inasmuch as they only had an average regular season.

  • Michael

    Hey Rob
    Just a thought. I was recalling the finals with the Mavs and how they got there. I rewatched some of the games via youtube and I noticed that the Mavs were actually doing what the Nets are doing right now. Devin Harris drives to the basket and either gets fouled, makes a layup, or passes it out for an open shot. It worked for the Mavs as they went to the finals, but for some reason against the Heat they stopped doing that and they felt the need to have Dirk post up, which he can’t do with squat. and we all know how that story ends.
    So my thought is, WHY DID WE TRADE HARRIS!!! why did we not do that ourselves. With such great shooters like Dirk and Terry, that’s all we should have done.

    your best friend EVER!!!