D.A. Will Be Laying Down the Law Soon in Dallas

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 27, 2009 under News | 2 Comments to Read

Damn straight.  According to Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, former Maverick Darrell Armstrong will be returning to the team as an assistant coach.  Armstrong is one of the league’s all-time “good guys,” and was tops (or certainly up there) on everybody’s list of NBA players to make the jump to coaching.  I’m glad he decided to latch on to the bottom of the Mavs to begin his career; we’ve missed you, D.A..

If Armstrong can bring the same enthusiasm and zeal to coaching that he did to playing, the Mavs have themselves an absolute steal.  His attitude is contagious and he’s learned a thing or two in his time ’round the league; it’s in the opinion of this writer that there is no single reason why Darrell Armstrong won’t make an excellent coach.

Congrats to the Mavs, and congrats to D.A..

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    i’m pretty sure the same things were once said about avery.

  • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

    Good point, but Avery is a good coach. Not without his flaws and not the right fit for the Mavs right now, but the guy did get the Mavs to the Finals and racked up an awfully impressive regular season win percentage. That’s something.

    But based on what we know of Avery and D.A. as players, I would say it’s pretty doubtful that they have similar coaching styles.